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The Roaring Twenties

Study Guide for The Roaring Twenties-Test is Thursday, 11-21-13

What was the basis of Warren G. Hardings campaign strategy? It was to restore normalcy, or stability and prosperity
Why were some American writers of the 1920s called the "Lost Generation"? They expressed feelings of separation from American society.
Why was 1927 a fundamental year in motion pictures? It brought the first film with sound.
What was the main reason Herbert Hoover was elected by a large majority of votes? Hoover promised to continue the economic boom.
What conflict did the Scopes Monkey Trial represent? It represented fundamentalists beliefs and scientific ideals about evolution.
There were a group of writers in the 1920s that included Ernest Hemingway. What did their writing do? It criticized American Society.
What are some of the effects of Prohibition? Some effects were: increased government corruption, as local police and politicians took bribes to ignore the movement and sale of alcohol.
What was one of the main goals of Marcus Garvey's black nationalism? One main goal was for African Americans to have their won businesses and communties.
Until 1924, Native Americans did not have access to adequate legal protection from the government. Why? They were not citizens of the United States.
Who invented the jazz solo (where one musician steps out from the band)? Trumpeter Louis Armstrong
Did immigration to the United States fall dramatically or rise sharply in the 1920's? It rose sharply.
What 1920's scandal caused people to question the judgement and honesty of government officials? It was the Teapot Dome Scandal.
Young women who challenged society's ideas about womanhood in the 1920's were known as what? Flappers
What is the term for people who leave their home countries to travel elsewhere? Expatriots
What is the name of the 1928 pact in which the U.S. and other countries agreed not to engage in war? Kellogg-Briand Pact
Henry Ford invented the first affordable automobile. What is the name of this automobile. Model-T
What is the Harlem Renaissance? It is the flourishing of African American literature and art in the 1920s.
What is the term for a system that uses conveyor belts to move parts to different groups of workers? This is the moving assembly line.
What was the Red Scare? It was the fear of Communist infiltration after the Russian Revolution.
In 1933, what ended Prohibition? The Twenty-First amendment ended Prohibition.
Who was the Republican candidate for vice-president in 1920? His name was Calvin Coolidge.
Who was Georgia O' Keefe? He was a painter famous for creating detailed paintings of flowers.
Which directions did African Americans move during The Great Migration? They moved from South to North.
How would you describe the economy at the beginning of the 1920s? It was booming. Jobs were plentiful and people were prosperous.
Was high school attendance negatively affected as young people flocked to the cities to take advantage of high paying jobs and nightclubs of the new youth culture? No, it was not affected.
Created by: scraig29