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1942B/6865US History

1942B/6865B Flash Cards for US History semester B Final

What country had military in Vietnam, before the US got involved, but was defeated in 1954? France
Which president was primarily responsible for creating Vietnamization? Nixon
The Supreme Court Case which stated educational facilities were inherently unequal: Plessy v. Ferguson
Truman Doctrine A formal statement of intention for the US to aid any country threatened by communist aggression.
Contributing causes of the Great Depression: An unbalanced business system, a weak economy, and poor distribution of purchasing power.
The New Deal President Roosevelt's attempt to combat the Great Depression and get Americans back to work
McCarthyism Mass fear and hysteria about possible communist in the US after WWII
The New Frontier Term given to President Kennedy's domestic programs
Gandhi influenced Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's philosophy of non-violent protest
SCLC Civil Rights group associated with Rev. Dr Martin Luther.
Cold War events The Trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, The Berlin Airlift, and McCarthyism
Fidel Castro Cuba's leader during the Bay of Pigs invasion
Caesar Chavez Led Mexican-Americans in massive protests for better pay and benefits for field workers.
The Great Society Created by President Johnson to fight poverty, protect the environment, protect consumers and fight discrimination.
How did Americans try to save money during the Great Depression? Sewing own clothes, growing own food, preserving food, and starting home businesses such as doing laundry, baking, and taking on borders.
the Great Depression and Unemployment Unemployment increased.
The Highway Act of 1956 Created 41000 miles of expressways to connect major American cities.
What became communist after the Korean War under Kim Il-Sung? North Korea
What became democratic after the Korean War under Kim Il-Sung? South Korea
The Marshall Plan aided European recovery after WWII by loaning Europe $13 billion.
Containment A policy that the US practiced towards communism in the 1950s and 1960s.
Freedom Rides A plan in the deep south that brought white civil rights workers together with black civil rights workers in a journey to bus terminals
Location of Rosa Parks' act of defiance Montgomery, Alabama
Protesters were beaten and gassed on their march from : Selma to Montgomery
The New Deal The Civilian Conservation Corps, National Recovery Act, and Tennessee Valley Authority
The outcome of Watergate Investigation and the resignation of President Nixon has been used to point out what about the Constitution? The success of the Constitution as a living document that applies to all Americans.
Cold War events Korean War, Cuban Missle Crisis, and Bay of Pigs Invasion
Important facts about Pearl Harbor Occurred on Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, Japanese destruction was high because kamikaze pilots hit the fuel storage tanks, Roosevelt described the attack as a "date which will live in infamy".
How did Truman justify dropping the atomic bomb on Japan? He did not want to lose anymore American troops by launching a direct land invasion on Japan.
The Manhattan Project American development of an atomic bomb
Important statements about Americans fighting against Hitler's racism and discrimination during WWII American's fought alongside Chinese soldiers in the Burma campaign, 18,000 Japanese Americans joined the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, Millions of women left their work at home to take factory jobs during WWII.
Cold War is characterized as: A period of scientific competition between the US and the Soviet Union, The era of the superpowers who never encountered each other directly militarily, democracy vs. communism.
How were women impacted with the US involvement in WWII? Women experienced unemployment with the GIs returned from the war, they had to take care of the home as well as the production of goods for overseas, and the experience higher employment rates in factories and industry.
The Beats Members of a literary group who rebelled against the materialistic society of the 1950s.
Woodstock The rock festival that took place as part of the counter-culture movement of 1969.
What is an important part of ending the Cuban Missile Crisis? Kennedy's naval blockade
Ronald Reagan He believed in supply-side economics, he faced scandal with the Iran Contra Affair, and he served as president through most of the 1980s
The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution An authorization for the president to do what was necessary to protect US forces
Guerilla warfare, napalm, and bombings Fighting in Vietnam
Roe v Wade The issue of abortion
Who appointed Sandra Day O'connor Reagan
Reaganomics The president began to cut high taxes so people would invest more in the economy
Baby Boom A significant increase in birth rates after WWII
Two factors that sparked economic growth in the US during the 1950s? Consumer demand and the need for national defense
Joseph McCarthy associations: The search of communists in the US government, a 'black list' of Hollywood actors, and increased censorship of reading materials
First president to visit the People's Republic of China Nixon
Lend- Lease Act marked a change in US policy from complete isolationism to partial involvement in WWII
The difference between SCLC and SNCC You must know the difference- True False question
Know why Haight/Ashbury was significant True- False question
What were some reasons the US attacked parts of Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam War US believed that the Vietnamese communist supply lines went through these cities.
For CP- please look at your study guide for topics on the 2 short answer questions. See Study Guide.
Created by: Mrs. Stubbs