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US History Vocab 16


satellite state states controlled by Soviet Union
Cold War US and Soviet Union never faced each other directly in "hot" military conflict
iron curtain border line seperating east and west Europe as well as capitalism and communism
Truman Doctrine set a new course for American foreign policy
containment goal was to keep communism contained within its existing borders
Marshall Plan US gave 13 million in grants and loans to nations in Western Europe to boost their economy
Berlin airlift protecting non communist parts of Europe and containing communism
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) provided military alliance to counter Soviet expansion
Warsaw Pact All communist states of Easter Europe except Yugoslavia formed a counter military alliance
38th parallel Korea divided into two independent countries at the 38th parallel of latitude
limited war fought to achieve specific goals
SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization) defensive alliance aimed at preventing the spread of communsim
arms race US and SU racing to create more powerful weapons
mutually assured destruction prevent either country from actually using a nuclear device against the other
massive retaliation the US would respond to communist threats to its allies by threatening to use crushing, overwhelming force, perhaps nuclear weapons
brinkmanship Dulles approach to prevent war and discourage communist aggression
nationalize placing it under government control
Suez crisis Britain and France claiming Suez Canal while there was crisis at hand
Eisenhower Doctrine announced that the US would use force to help any Middle Eastern nation threatened by communsim
CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) intelligence gathering organization
NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) created to coordinate the space-related efforts of American scientists and the military
Red Scare fear of communists destroying American life
Smith Act used to cripple Communist Party in the US
HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) used to investigate possible subversive activities by fascists, Nazis, or communists
Hollywood Ten people who were or had been communists during the 1930s and 40s, they refused to answer questions
blacklist entertainment figures who should not be hired because of their suspected communist ties
McCarthyism a catchword for extreme, reckless charges
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