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US His 9

Eleanor Roosevelt President's "Eyes and Ears" during the first New Deal
Charles Coughlin Priest-criticized the New Deal
Franklin D. Roosevelt Signed into law fifteen pieces of legislation in the first humdred days of office
Huey Long Introduced "Share of Wealth" program
FDIC Program to insure bak deposits-Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
TVA Built a series of dams to generate electric power-Tennessee Valley Authority
Goals of the New Deal Provide relief, recovery, and reform
Why did some oppose the New Deal? It gave too much power to the government which threatened individual freedoms
American Liberty League Formed to oppose FDR's New Deal
Goals of Agricultural Adjustment Act End overproduction and raide crop prices
WPA Helped build or improve the nations public highways - Works Progress Administration
Pump Priming Putting money in the hands of consumers so that they can buy more goods in order to stimulate the economy
Fair Labor Standards Act 1938 Established a minimum wage and a maximum workweek of 44 hours
Court packing People accused Pres. Roosevelt of this when he tried to increase the number of Justices on the Supreme Court
John Maynard Keynes British ecomonist who believed that deficit spending was necessary to provide the necessary relief from the depression
Social Security Act Introduced by FDR to help retirees
Rural Electrificatin Administration Provided electricity to farmers
Wagner Act Recognized right of workers to join labor unions and gave workers the right to collective bargaining
UAW Participated in a sit down strike until General Motors agreed to recognize them-United Automobile Workers union
1938-Republican gain power in Congress FDR reduced federal spending, Federal Reserve raised interest rates-FDR miscalculated-economy took a downturn and wiped out FDR's progress-some peolpe wanted a change and voted in Republicans
Indian New Deal Provided funding for the construction of new schools and hospitals
Black Cabinet Group of African American Presidential advisors
John Collier Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Welfare state Roosevelt's programs lead to a rise of this in he United States
New Deal coalition
What did Eleanor Roosevelt do to show her support of minorities? Sat with black delegates at a conference
In the 30's, what did the Bureau of Indian Affairs stop discouraging? Native Americans practicing thier own ancient religion
Why did FDR set aside 12 million acres of land? To establish national parks
How many terms did Franklin D. Roosevelt serve as president? He was elected for 4 terms, he served 3 terms and died before beginning his 4th term
Frances Perkins First female cabinet member
Murals Large pictures on public buildings celebrating the people who helped build our nation
The Wizard of Oz Most memorable Depression-era movie
Frank Capra Director who made movies that showed the strength of average Americans
John Steinbeck Wrote a novel about the Joad family titled "The Grapes of Wrath"
Lillian Hellman 1930's playwright-wrote socially conscious plays with strong female characters
War of The Worlds Radio program that caused national panic in US
Glenn Miller Top swing musician
One way Americans escaped their concerns during the 30's Went to theaters to watch movies to forget about troubles for awhile
"The Lone Ranger" "The Shadow" Radio series programs
Federal Art Project Set a precident for federal funding of the arts and artists
What did the growth of the auto industry in the early 1900 lead to? Growth of other industries and of suburban communities
Urban workers experienced growing wealth in the '30's, what did farmers experience? They saw their income decline and their debt grow.
How did President Harding help American businesses? Signed a bill that raised protective tariff rates so imports would cost more and people would buy American made goods to save money.
Whey did US leaders in the 1920 hope to keep the world at arms length? To avoid war
Modernists felt these were more important than education. Science and secular ideas
The quota system of the National Origins Act did not apply to... Mexico
Women of the 1920's who demonstrated significant changes in manners, morals, and mindset. Flapper
Who often had a pessimistice, skeptical world view? Writers of "The Lost Generation"
Advocated the separation of races Marcus Garvey
The Harlem Renaissance allowed African American writes to explore... The pains and joys of being black in America.
Who were the litigants in the Scopes trial of 1925? Fundamentalist and the supporters of the theory of evolution
What threatened the ecomonic good times of the 1920's? The uneven distribution of wealth and growing consumer debt.
What was one cause of unemployment during the Great Depression? People not buying products, so the complanies cut the amount of product they produced, thus causing companies to layoff large groups of employees
At first, what did Pres. Hoover rely on to relieve the depression? Volunteerism and localism
Successful public-works project that began under Pres. Hoover Construction of a major dam on the Colorado River
Former social worker who became the first femal Cabinet member in US History Frances Perkins
What authority did the Emergency Banking bill give President Roosevelt? Temporarily close banks while they got their accounts in order
Established to ensure bank deposits up to $5,000 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Raised crop prices by paying farmers to not plant all their land and to kill excess livestock Agricultural Adjustment Act
Program that the wealthy pay higher taxes that would then be distributed to poor Americans. Huey Long's "Share the Wealth"
Funding public-works projects to put unemployed people to work Example of pump-priming
Recognized the right of employees to join labor unions Wagner Act
Result of sit-down strike at the General Motors plant in Flint, Michigan in the 1930's Recognized the United Automibile Workers Union
Reason critic give for Pres. Roosevelt proposing to increase the number of justices on the Supreme Court To get more NEW DEAL supporters on the Supreme Court so more New Deal policy would pass
FDR's unofficial group of African American advisors Black Cabinet
Nickname given to presidency during Pres. Franklin D. Rooselvelt term was... Imperial presidency because the office gain power during his terms
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