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H6 Unit Test for Georgia Studies

The Missouri Compromise allowed what state to enter the Union as free? Maine
What are three causes of the Civil War? Sectionalism, Slavery, States' rights.
States' Rights is... the belief in the right to have a say-so in laws/policies affecting your state.
Impact of Compromise of 1850 on US History: Allowed a large state (California) to enter as a free state.
Georgian who became vise president of the Confederacy: Alexander Stephens
After Lincoln's election (1860) what Georgian called for Georgia to remain in Union: Alexander Stephens
Georgia Platform: Supported Compromise of 1850.
Kansas-Nebraska Act changed Missouri Compromise by... permitted slavery North of Missouri's southern border.
Lincoln's official policy on slavery during election of 1860: Slavery should not be allowed to spread into new territories.
Dred Scott decision - slaves were classified as property without human and citizenship rights.
Event that led to special legislative session in Georgia to consider seceding from Union Lincolns presidential election.
Two Civil War campaigns fought in Georgia: Atlanta Campaign and Savannah Campaign.
General who led the "March to the Sea" William Sherman
Union soldiers did not burn Savannah because - $28 million worth of cotton.
Why did Sherman destroy civilian infrastructure in the "March to the Sea"? end civilian support for the war thus shortening the war.
Famous confederate prison in Georgia: Andersonville
Chickamauga was important to North and South because: It was a railroad center.
the Emancipation Proclamation was concession to south because: it allowed south to keep slaves if they stopped fighting.
bloodiest one day battle of Civil War: Antietam.
Gettysburg: turning point in war
The Union blockades purpose was to stop southerner's from receiving/sending supplies or goods.
Former confederate (not high-ranking) soldiers could be pardoned by promising to defend the US Constitution.
What was part of Andrew Johnson's reconstruction plan States had to approve the 13th Amendment.
Under the radical reconstruction plan ... southern states had to ratify the 14th amendment to rejoin the Union.
Thirteenth Amendment - abolished slavery.
Fifteenth Amendment - gave black men the right to vote.
Reconstruction Impacted the South by South had to grant black citizenship.
The Freedman's Bureau purpose was to - help former slaves and poor whites get jobs, clothing, and food.
Sharecroppers - owned nothing
tenant farmers - owned farm animals and equipment.
Georgia Act of 1869 Federal legislation returning Georgia to military control because of KKK terrorism against freedman.
Henry McNeal Turner was expelled from his seat in the Georgia Legislature because... according to the Constitution he did not have the right to hold political office.
Someone who supported Lincoln's plan for reconstruction would have thought that... the Northern policies should help the South recover as quickly as possible.
Sharecropping in the South after the Civil War is characterized by most sharecropper's remaining in a cycle of poverty.
Created by: nrchastain