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Unit 2


aliment (m) item of food
chiffon (m) piece of rag
crise (f) de foie liverishness, bad upset stomach
rendre compte to realise, to take on board
révolte (f) rebellion
sain(e) healthy
casse-croute (m) snack
micro-onde (m) microwave (oven)
nettoyage (f) cleaning
problèmes (mpl) renaux kidney problems
utensile (f) utensil
caniche (f) poodle
morceau (m) piece
nausea (f) nausea
papillon (m) butterfly
perroquet (m) parrot
se venger to get even
vomir to vomit
celibataire single
cohabition (f) living together outside marriage
famille (f) monoparentale single parent family
famille (f) nombreuse large family
famille (f) nucléaire nuclear family
famille (f) recomposée composite family
ménage (m) household
rupture (f) d'union marriage break-up
union (m)libre living together outside marriage
assistant(e) social social worker
assumer to assume (responsibility)
avorter to abort
calvaire (m) suffering, martyrdom
cendre (m) ash
combler to fill, make up for
convier to invite
craquer to 'lose it'
se culpabiliser to take the blame
s'extasier to take delight in
deçevoir to decieve
declic (m) trigger mechanism
fonder ses espoirs (mpl) to pin one's hopes
gosse (m) kid
grossesse (f) pregnancy
incinerer to burn
insouciance (f) carefree attitude, lightheartedness
manqué (m) lack, gap
ménagement care, consideration
naissance (f) birth
pilule (f) contraception pill
recul (m) hindsight
tomber enceinte to become pregnant
baptême (m) batism
carnet (m) newspaper announcements (births, marriages and deaths)
les quatre coins du monde the four corners of the world
soit.. soir.. either.. or..
abimer to wreck or ruin
concurrence (f) competition
courant(e) common
elargi(e) extended
emprunter to borrow
s'entraider to help each other
s'y faire to make the best of it
gare à ... watch out you don't ...
gérer to manage
grande surface (f) big supermarket
natal(e) native (town, country)
offenser to offend
partager to share
prendre la relève to take over
faire profiter to take advantage
se réunir to get together
susceptible easily offended
tendance (f) tendency
tribu tribe
coutume (f) custom, tradition
consonance (f) sound
diminution (f) decrease
fortuné(e) well off
iconique having the status of an icon
marraine (f) godmother
neanmoins nonetheless
une nouvelle mode se deferle a new fashion takes over
ordre (m) décroissant decreasing order
patronyme (m) family name derived from one's father
trait (m) de caractère personality characteristic
à moins que unless
appartenir to belong to
communement commonly
crise (f) crisis, trouble
croyant(e) faithful
diptherie (f) diptheria
en ce qui concerne insofar as
faire la loi to decide how things will be done
fiable reliable
fiancé(e) engaged to be married
guère hardly
hors question out of the question
infection (f) intestinale stomach bug
interdit(e) forbidden
par rapport à in comparison with
pneumonie (f) pneumonia
scarlatine (f) scarlet fever
s'en sortir to get out of (trouble)
se tourner vers to turn to
tuberculose (f) tuberculosis
taux (m)de mortalite death rate
vedette (f) star (celebrity)
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