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Texas History Unit 4

7th grade study cards

Erasmo Seguin Mexican official who helped Stephen Austin get his land grants in Texas.
Imports Goods for sale that are shipped INTO the country from other places.
Martin de Leon The only empresario to found a mostly Mexican colony in Texas.
Green Dewitt Received a grant to settle 400 families in Texas in the Coastal Plains.
Slavery The owning of people as property for the purpose of labor.
Coahuillay Texas State within the country of Mexico that combined two regions in order to keep Anglos from having too much power.
State Constitution of 1827 Outlawed slavery, angering many American immigrants.
National Colonization Law of 1824 Restricted American colonies in Texas to protect the northern territories from becoming "too American."
The Old 300 Original group of American settlers brought to Texas by Stephen F. Austin.
Tariffs Government taxes placed on goods imported into a country.
State Colonization Law of 1825 Encouraged the empresario system to increase immigration from America.
Moses Austin Father of Stephen F. Austin, got the original empresario grant from Mexico to bring American colonists into Texas before dying.
Stephen F. Austin Son of Moses, most sucessful empresario in Texas, brought the old 300 into Texas to settle.
Juan Seguin Tejano, and friend of Stephen Austin.
Empresario An agent hired by the Mexican government to bring settlers into Texas.
Federalism Divides power among branches of government including national and state governments.
Plantations Large farm used to grow cash crops & usually worked by slaves.
Land Titles A receipt given by the government for land that has been purchased.
Constitution of 1824 Mexican constitution allowing immigration through empresarios.
Free Enterprise A system in which people are free to own property and buy and sell goods at prices set by the people.
Immigration Movement of people from one country to another.
Democracy A government by the people, who express their power through elections.
Exports Goods that are shipped OUT of the country for sale in other places.
Militia An army of volunteers who often have little training or supplies.
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