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Progressive Era

Progressivism political and social reforms of the early 1900's
muckrakers journalists who exposed corruption and fueled reform
spoils system (patronage) officials handing out government jobs to friends or in exchange for political support
trust businesses that work together as a monopoly to control prices in an industry
monopoly one company that controls the supply and price of an entire industry
Gilded Age early 1900's era of fabulous wealth for 10% of the population and harsh living conditions for 90% of the population
Direct Primary an election in which voters choose candidates for office
conservation controlling and preserving natural resources
16th Amendment 1913-established the federal income tax
17th Amendment 1913-established the direct election of senators
18th Amendment 1919-prohibition--banned the production and sale of alcohol in the US in an attempt to improve poverty, unemployment, and domestic violence
19th Amendment 1920-Women's suffrage
Bull Moose Party Progressive Party, started by Teddy Roosevelt in 1912 but defeated in the 1912 election by Woodrow Wilson
The Jungle novel by Upton Sinclair that exposed horrible conditions in meatpacking plants and factories
suffrage the right to vote
prohibition the period 1919-1933 when the US banned the production and sale of alcohol
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