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history chap 3 vocab

Feudalism system of rule by lords who owed loyalty to their king
Manor Part of a lord's holding in the Middle Ages , including the castle, peasants' huts, and surrounding villages or fields
Serf peasant who was bound to land for life
Magnetic Compass Device which shows which direction is north
Astrolabe Instrument used by sailors to measure the positions of stars and figure out their latitude at sea
Caravel Ship with a steering rudder and triangular sails
Colony Group of people settled in a distant land who are ruled by the government of their native land
Conquistador Spanish word for conqueror
Presidio Fort that housed soldiers in the Spanish colonies
Mission Religious settlement. Run by Catholic priests and friars in the Spanish colonies
Peninsulare Person sent from Spain to rule the Spanish colonies
Creole Person born in the Americas to Spanish parents
Mestizo Person in the Spanish colonies of mixed Spanish and Indian backround
Encomienda Right to demand taxes or labor from Native Americans in the Spanish colonies
Plantation Large estate farmed by many workers
Northwest Passage Waterway through or around North America
Coureur de Bois French phrase meaning runner of the woods. Tapper or Trader in New France
Renaissance A period of intellectua; and artistic creativity, c. 1300-1600
Line Of Demarcation An imaginary oline running down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean from the North Pole to the South Pole, diving the Americas between Spain and Portugal
Mercantilism The theory that a state's or nation's power depending on its wealth
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