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Social Studies Ch 4


Who sent an armada to fight against England. The fleet sailed in 1588. King Phillip of Spain
King James of England gave merchants a ? Charter
What is a charter? Document giving permission to a person or group to do something
What was the name of the new English settlement? Jamestown
The Pilgrims wrote a ________________ before they started their settlement. Compact
What was the name of the pilgrim's compact? Mayflower Compact
What is tolerance? people with different ideas and beliefs who live in a colony
Where was John Cabot from? Italy
Who paid for John Cabot's exploration in 1497? King of England
What did John Cabot find? Canada - rich fishing off the coast
What was the sea route John Cabot was looking for? Northeast Passage
What year did France send Giovanni da Verrazano? 1524
What did Giovanni da Verrazano? east coast of North America - New York City
Who sailed up the Saint Lawerence river looking for water route to Asia? Jacques Cartier
1608, who founded a fur trading post on the St. Lawrence River? Samuel de Champlain
What was the name of the fur trading post on the St. Lawrence River? Quebec
What does Quebec mean? Place where the river narrows
Who did the dutch hire in 1608 to search for Northeast passage? Henry Hudson
What is something declared as one's own, especially a piece of land? claim
What did the explorer's find in place of the Northeast passage? more forest, fish and wildlife than they had seen in Europe
Who was part of the Counter Reformation? King Phillip
What was the Counter Reformation? reintroduce Catholicism into England
Why did King Phillip want the Counter reformation? stop attacks on his ships
What is the Spanish word for a large fleet of ships? armada
What year did the Spanish Armada sail to attack England? 1588
What is an attack by an armed force to conquer another country? invasion
Who lead the English into the Spanish battle? Francis Drake
Who won the Spanish invasion? English
Describe King Phillip deeply religious, wanted tom strengthen Catholic Church, worked in Madrid, loved books and paintings
When was Elizabeth Tudor Queen of England? 1558
Describe Elizabeth's reign? smart - surrounded herself with smart and trustworthy advisors, supported expeditions to the new world, careful with money, strengthened the Navy
In 1585, an english colony was set up where? Roanoke Island
Why did the Roanoke Island colony fail? could not grow food because of sandy soil
Who was the leader in 1587 of the 2nd Roanoke colony? John White
What was the message from the lost colony of Roanaoke? Croatoan
In 1606, English merchants started the? Virginia Company of London
To put money into something to to try to earn more money? invest
How did people invest in the Virginia Company? bought stock
What is a piece of ownership in a company? stock
In 1607, what colony was established by the Virginia trading company? Jamestown
Why did the Jamestown colony fail? the colonist did not know how to work hard, did not know how to fram, searched for gold. Ran out of food and starved
Who took over Jamestown and ordered people to plant crops? John Smith
What is a crop that people sell to earn money? cash crop
What was Jamestown cash crop? tobacco
When did the first Africans arrive in Jamestown? 1619
Who was someone who agreed to work for a number of years in exchange? indentured servants
What was the name of the Indians that lived in Jamestown? Powhatans
How was peace achieved between Jamestowmn and the powhatans tribe? John Rolfe married Pocahontas
Why did the colonist in Jamestown fight the Powhatans? wanted more food and land
People from England who decided to break away from the Church of England? Separatists
Who is a person who makes a long journey for religious reasons? pilgrims
Why did the pilgrims move from the Netherlands? they children were learning dutch customs
What was the Mayflower Compact? make laws for the general good of the colony
What is a strip of land that stretches into a body of water? cape
Why did so many plymouth settlers die? landed in November - too late to plant crops, ran out of food
What was the name of the Indian who helped the pilgrims? Squanto
who was the governor of plymouth? William Bradford
What did Squanto teach the pilgrims? plant crops - corn, pumpkins, beans, hunting and fishing
In fall of 1621, they celebrated together for three days? feast to thank God for their harvest first thanksgiving
Who bought Manhattan Island from the Manhates Indians in 1626? Peter Minuit
What was the name of the first settlement on Manhattan island? New Amsterdam
What is a variety of people in a group? diversity
Who was the Governor of New Amsterdam in 1647? Peter Stuyvessant - very mean not tolerant of different types of people
Peter Stuyvessant intolerance of people with different religions lead to what? colonist allowed england to take over - became New york
What was the first name of Canada? New france
What is a person who teaches his or her religion to others with different beliefs? missionary
the french created a partnership with? powerful Huron and Alogonquin - Iroquois tribe
Who claimed the Mississippi River and all the land around it for France? Robert la Salle
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