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Civil War

What was the Northern Army called? The Union Army
What was the Southern Army called? The Confederate Army
Who was the president of the North? Abraham Lincoln
Who was the president of the South? Jefferson Davis
Who won the Civil War? The North
Who was the (last) general for the North? Ulysses S. Grant
Who was the general for the South? Robert E. Lee
What college did Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant go to for military training? West Point Military Academy
What color were the uniforms of the North? Blue
What famous American did Robert E. Lee want to be like? George Washington
What was Robert E. Lee's job in the army before the Civil War? He was an engineer who designed bridges and forts.
What color were the uniforms of the South? Gray
What did the flag of the North look like? It looked like the American Flag today (red and white with a blue corner with white starts).
What did the flag of the South look like? It had a red back ground with a blue x across it.
What did Robert E. Lee's mother tell him he needed to do to be like Washington? Do what is right, no matter what! Spend your money wisely! Be honest and true.
What was Robert E. Lee's horse's name? Traveller
Where did Robert E. Lee and his wife live? Arlington, VA
The Southern army was made up of mostly men with this job? Farmers/Plantation Owners
Where did Lee surrender to Grant to end the Civil War? Appomattox, Virginia
What school was Robert E. Lee president of after the Civil War? Washington College (which is now Washington and Lee University)
What were the secret paths through the woods called that allowed Slaves to escape from the South to freedom in the North? The Underground Railroad
What is an abolitionist? Someone who is against slavery and wants to see it abolished (made illegal).
Why did Harriet Tubman have the nickname "Moses"? She helped over 300 slaves escape to the North on the Underground Railroad just like Moses helped slaves escape from Egypt.
How long did the Civil War last? 4 years (1861-1865)
What does it mean when a state "seceded" from the Union? The state decided to "leave" the U.S. and become it's own country.
When all the states seceded from the Union, what new country was made? The Confederate States of America
What is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday? February 12, 1809
What state was Lincoln born in? Kentucky
Who was Lincoln talking about when he said, “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies.” The South
Who killed Abraham Lincoln? John Wilkes Booth
Created by: hpaulette