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Ch. 1 Western Expans

Ch. 1 Western Expansion

Sioux war chief Sitting Bull
the last major Native American victory Battle of the Little Bighorn
Before the transcontinental railroad, each community relied on ________ time. Solar
Becoming like the larger, stronger culture Assimilation
Moving from one place to another Nomadic
Caused the government to step up military actions Battle of the Little Bighorn
caused a decrease in crop prices Supply
was supported by Democrats and Populists in the 1896 presidential election William Jennings Bryan
started in Sacramento, California, and was built east across the Sierra Nevada Mountains Central Pacific railroad
started in Omaha, Nebraska, and was built west across the Great Plains Union Pacific railroad
Used the top layer of prairie soil to build homes sodbusters
supported by opponents of the free silver policy to prevent inflation gold standard
formed cooperatives that allowed farmers to keep more of their profits grangers
compared themselves to Hebrews who escaped slavery in Egypt Exodusters
offered 160 acres free to anyone who agreed to live on and improve the land for five years Homestead Act
What is true about cowhands? They learned to round up, rope, and ride from Native Americans
Why did some citizens in the West form vigilante groups? Rapidly growing cow towns had no local governments
What problems did miners face? Dust caused lung problems, and cave-ins could trap people
How did Grange cooperatives help farmers? They helped farmers keep more of their profits
Why did the Dawes Act fail? Many Native Americans did not want to become farmers
Why did Populists support free silver? An increase in the money supply could help drive up crop prices
Why did we develop the standard time? Solar time caused problems for people who scheduled long-distance trains.
T or F: The West were the first states to grant women the right to vote and own land. True
What are Native American's religious beliefs based on? They are based on nature, the environment, and spirits.
The parts of the West that were mainly occupied by Native Americans were known as The frontier
Land from the government that forced Native Americans to move to a new place? a reservation
T/F: In western Nevada, miners discovered a lode, or deposit of valuable mineral buried in layers of rock, that was known to many as the "Big Bonanza? True
T/F: English-speaking white settlers in the Southwest were called buffalo soldiers by the native Mexicanos? False: Anglos
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