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Legal duties

Responsibilities Things we should do voluntarily and not because we are asked to.
citizens have _______________ that are not legal ____________ 1. responsibilities 2. duties
The purpose of government is to ________ the people 1. serve
Tolerance Respecting and accepting others of their beliefs, practices, or differences
Responsible citizens are about __________ and _________ 1. others 2. themselves
Responsible citizens are willing to contribute _______, _________, and _________ to help others improve community life 1. time 2. money 3. effort
Be informed It might pass a law changing the rate of sales tax you pay
Speak up and vote You must make you concerns know, however, if you expect public officials to act in your interests
Respect other's rights If you own a dog, you have an obligation to keep it from becoming a nuisance to your neighbors
Respect diversity In a democratic society like ours, with such a diverse population, it is especially important to respect the civil liberties to others
Contribute to the common good All american citizens must be active participants and not just idle by-standers if we want our communities to thrive
american's do ___________ work 1. volunteer
Community a group of people who share the same interests and concerns
Many volunteers are __________ in grades ___ through ______ 1. students 2. 6 3. 12
__________ provide many needs, but their ______________ are limited 1. governments 2. resources
bureaucracies complex systems with many departments, rules, and people in the chain of command
welfare the health, prosperity , and happiness - of all members of the community
some ways people ______________ in the community leading a _________ troop, _____________ schoolchildren, visiting a ___________ ___________, and collecting ___________ ___________. 1. scout 2. mentoring 3. nursing home 4. canned goods
volunteerism the practice of offering your time and services to others without payment
Created by: bama1212