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Chapter 4-Westward


Time of fast economic or population growth Boom
Time of fast economic decline Bust
an agreement between different countries or group of people Treaty
An area of land set aside by government for use by native American Reservation
A trip made by ranchers to take cattle to the market or the railroad Long Drive
A portion of land that sticks out like the handle of a pan Panhandle
what was the requirements of the Homestead Act? 21 years old, build home in 6 months and live there 5 years.
How did Alaska become part of the US? Purchased from Russia
When did Alaska become U.S. territory 1912
When did Alaska become a U.S. state(49th state) 1959
How did the settlers make a living in the West? Farmed and Ranching
Cattle and horses died from their breath freezing and they couldn't breathe Winter of 1886
What made it difficult for settlers of the West to establish their home? Extremely hot summers with drought and cold winters with blizzards
How was the land in the west when the settlers got there? Flat and grassy with no trees
Why did Native American resist the settlement of the West They killed their buffaloes and was moving them off the land.
Chief Joseph quote I am tried. My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stand. I will fight no more forever
Major river the cattle drivers cross through the state of Texas Red
Major port city were cattle shipped to be shipped out to the East Galveston, TX Shreveport and New Orleans Louisiana
What caused stampedes with cattle Lightening, loud sounds, smells of water
Calves couldn't make the long cattle drive and where They were separated from the cattle drive
How did cowhands communicate? Sign Language and hat gestures
William Seward Persuaded Congress to acquire Russia
Alaska grew because of gold
people searching for gold and silver Porspectors
Why was the cattle places on the train It was the fastest and cheaper than by ship
Bison meat juice (grease) a tonic drunk by cow handers
A person who settled on the land granted by the united States government Homesteader
What was the Homestead Act of 1862? An act passed by congress that gave a60 acres of land in the Great Plains for those who qualified
How was the land in the West once the settlers got there? Flat land, No trees, grass was 6 foot tall
How many claims were made over 600,000
I am tried. My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stand. I will fight no more forever --Chief Joseph meant He would move peacefully to a reservation
Why was the calves separated on a cattle drive Their scent would get mixed up if they were all in a wagon together
How many herd cattle could a 12 men crew handle 2000-3000 heads
How did they cut through sod? special plow (steel plow)
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