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American History

Chapter 16

time period was dominated by issues of corruption and attempt at reform gilded age politics
hands off government approach to business- government plays limited roles Laissez-Faire Policy
government non elected workers civil service
results of pres. Garfield's assassination -civil service reform -Pendleton Civil Service Act
pre. Arthur wanted to reform the spoils system-sought congressional support -created civil service test -most qualified individuals got non elected jobs Pendleton civil service act
Law reinforces oversight of business that operate over state lines by Congress Interstate Commerce Act
Why would someone move to the US? -Religious Freedom, new opportunities (jobs), lack of food, escape poverty, over crowed in native country
Where did most immigrants come from? southern and eastern Europe
a large area beneath the ships deck steerage
Remember to study Ellis and angel island the differences and processes and stuff
isolated quarantined
Chinese without family members in the US were not allowed to immigrant to the US The Chinese Exclusion Act
unofficial organizations designed to keep a party or group in power political machine
major source of income for some politicians graft
immoral or corrupt behavior vice
fought to get rid of all forms of vice purity crusaders
policy that favored native born citizens over immigrants Nativism
tried to ban the manufacturing and selling of alcohol prohibition
church run charity organizations who provided services for the poor Social Gospel Movement
community centers aimed to give social services to those who need it ex. YMCA The settlement movement
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