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Big Business/Growth

Rise of Big Business and Growth of Industry

What are the factors that led to the rise of Business? • National markets created by transportation advances • Captains of industry ) • Advertising • Lower-cost production
What factors led to the growth of Industry? Factors that resulted in growth of industry • Access to raw materials and energy • Availability of work force due to immigration • Inventions • Financial resources
Who was the captain of the Auto Industry? Henry Ford
Who was the captain of the Steel Industry? Andrew Carnegie
Who was the captain of the Oil Industry? John D. Rockefeller
Who was the captain of the shipping and Railroad Industry? Cornelius Vanderbilt
What were some of the first Big Businesses? Oil, Steel, Railroads
How did life on farms change after the Civil War? Mechanization (e.g., the reaper) reduced farm labor needs and increased production. .Industrialization provided new access to consumer goods
How did life in cities change after the Civil War? Increased Big Business and Growth of Industries led to increased need for workers.
What were some of the problems of society during the Industrialization Era? Child Labor Unsafe Working Conditions Long Hours - Low Pay
How did workers respond to the problems in the work area? Formed Unions to address the problems
What was one method Unions used to get better pay, and working conditions? Strikes
What is the one Strike we talked about in class? The Homestead Strike
Which Industry did the Homestead Strike protest against? Steel
Was the Homestead Strike successful or unsuccessful? Unsuccessful
Define Business An ongoing organization with the purpose to make money
Define Industry A collection of All business that do the same work
Who was Jacob Riis? A muckraker who wrote "How the Other Half Lives"
Define a Muckraker Someone who writes about the problems of society so that society can correct them.
Which amendment gave women the right to vote? 19th
Which amendment outlawed the right to manufacture, transport, and sell alcohol? 18th 18th
Which amendment repealed the 18th amendment? 21 st.
Why were trusts bad for the US citizens took away competition in the marketplace
Teddy Roosevelt busted what? trusts.
Created by: Mrs. Catrambone