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Smith - 6th Grade SS

Smith - Ancient Egypt Social Studies

What did all of the wealth of Egypt come from? The Nile River
The Nile river in Egypt is unique for what 2 reasons? It is the longest river in the world and flows south to north
The Nile runs parallel to what sea? The Red Sea
Give an example of an item that would be placed in the tomb with a mummy to fulfill the Ka’s needs? Furniture, clothing, drink, food, tools, weapons, games
Ancient Egypt was made up of what two regions? Upper and Lower Egypt
The two kingdoms of Egypt were united by what king? Menes
Many historians consider King Menes to be the first Egyptian Pharaoh
The first Egyptian great king was also the first of a series of rulers from the same family. A family of rulers like this is called a Dynasty
What was the capital of the new united kingdoms of Egypt? Memphis
This is near to the modern capitol of Egypt, called? Cairo
Along the Nile but south of Egypt there developed another major civilization what was it called Kush
Egypt conquered their neighbors to the south, but then eventually these neighbors conquered Egypt. Finally, they were driven out of Egypt by who? Assyrians
Where were the Assyrians from? Mesopotamia
The reason the civilization from the south could be driven out of Egypt was because the invaders had superior war technology: the people in Egypt had weapons made of Bronze
The invaders had weapons made of Iron
Egypt’s governments were ruled by religious leaders or a king thought to be a god. This kind of government is called Theocracy
The rich and royal Egyptians could afford to have their bodies made into mummies after they died. Rich and royal people are sometimes referred to as the society’s Elite
When they made a mummy, first they would remove the body’s organs and put them into what? Canopic Jars
After the body was dried out and prepared they would put the body in a large case called a Sarcophagus
The pyramids, built as burial sites, were amazing examples of Egyptian Engineering
Near the pyramids is a famous statue of a lion with the head of a man, called Sphinx
The Egyptian system of writing was called Hieroglyphics
The Egyptians wrote on paper like material made from reeds that grew along the Nile, called Papyrus
Nobody could read the system of Egyptian writing until in 1799 one of Napoleon’s French soldiers found the same message written in hieroglyphics and two other languages. This message was written on something called The Rosetta Stone
In Washington DC we have the Washington Monument, which is a tall four sided pillar that is pointed on top. We sometimes refer to it as the “big pencil”. These were first made in Egypt, and this kind of pillar is called an Obelisk
One of the most famous Egyptian tombs ever discovered that was never disturbed by robbers was the one belonging to King Tut
Archeologist think that the reason Kush declined was because of poor planning. There were two examples of this name them: 1. Farmers overgrazed the land 2. They cut down too many trees and had not fuel for the ironmaker's furnace
What was the symbol that represented King Narmer, the 1st Pharaoh of Egypt? Water Buffalo
How many years did it take to build the pyramids? 23 years
During the mummification process what was the name of the product used to dry out the body prior to it being wrapped in the linen cloth? Natron
How many people did it take to build the pyramids? 100,000 people
The belief in many Gods is know as polytheism
The Egyptians invented a device that had a long pole with a bucket at one end and a weight at the other end to raise and lower water what was it called shaduf
What was the name of the female pharaoh who sometimes dressed like a man, and her tomb was in the Valley of the Kings? Queen Hatshepsut
What was the purpose of the pyramids? Burial sites for the Pharaohs
What was Anubis the God of? Funerals and Death
Who was Osiris? God of the Undeworld
Who was Ra? The sun god
Who was the most important person in Egyptian Social Class? Pharaoh
Created by: ndmsteach
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