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Honors 14 15 16

in what way did the border of texas lead to the Mexican-American war? US claimed that the boundary between the two was at the rio grande but mexico believed it was at the neuces river
whagt role did Zachary taylor play in the Mexican-American war? sent his troops to guard the border between texas and mexico.
what role did Winfield scott play in the Mexican-American war? landed troops in Veracruz and marched to mexico city
what is the name of the treaty that ended the Mexican-American war? treaty of Guadalupe hildago
what territories did the US gain from the war? California, new mexico, Utah, Arizona, parts of Colorado, and Wyoming.
what did the Wilmot proviso state? proposed that "neither slavery or unvoluntary servitude shall never exist."
that FIVE things did the Compromise of 1850 do? 1)CA became a free state 2)texas boundary was set up at its present limits 3)territories in new mexico and Utah were set up 4)fugitive slave law was strengthened 5)slave trade abolished in Washington DC
what di the Fugitive slave act do? empowered slave owners to go into court in their own states to present evidence that a
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