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Lesson 8

The Foundation for Religious Freedom and Equality

opinions Having many different types of beliefs and feelings.
tolerance Respecting the rights, opinions, and customs of different ethnic and religious groups.
multicultural Full of many different cultures and nations.
reformation Leaders of different religious groups splitting from the Catholic churches and forming their own groups.
haven A place of safety and refuge.
persecution To cause someone to suffer because of their belief.
mosaic A work of art that consists of many different pieces of shape, size, and color. Used as an analogy to describe different cultures and people who melt together to create a community.
prejudice Being determined that a person or group are inferior or unlikable because of their differences, without even getting to know them.
stereotyping Classifying a whole race or ethnic group as possessing the same characteristics, usually in some unflattering way.
ethnocentrism A belief that one's personal ethnic culture is superior to other cultures and ethnic groups.
revolution A sudden, radical, or complete change.
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