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Unit 3: New Nation

Building a New Nation

Judiciary Act of 1789 created a Supreme Court w/ a chief justice and 5 associate justices
Judiciary of 1801 federal legislation passed by Adam's to increase the # of federal judges to 16
Marbury v Madison federal case involving the Judiciary Act of 1789 and Adam's midnight appointment of judges
Judicial Review Supreme Court has the authority to declare act unconstitutional
Alexander Hamilton creator of the National Bank of the US
Shay's Rebellion domestic rebellion post Revolutionary War involving disagreements over taxing local citizens
Whiskey Rebellion illustrated the ability of the federal government to put down internal rebellions
Alien and Sedition Acts reaction to XYZ Affair whereby US increased residency/citizenship requirements to 14 years
Embargo Act of 1807 US policy meant to protect fledgling American industry and ban trade with European nations
War of 1812 conflict between US and Britain over issues of impressment and blockade
Edmond Genet French national who attempted to enlist Americans to fight in France
neutrality Washington's decision to avoiding the French Revolution
Treaty of San Lorenzo acquisition of lands east of the Mississippi river
Jay Treaty British evacuation of all forts on American soil
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