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Constitution & BOR

Constitution and BOR Flashcards

Who has the power to and When is a writ of habeas corpus suspened? Congress, when the public's safety is threatened
How is the number of electoral colleges determined? number of senators and representatives from every state, plus 3 from washington.
Who/what pays members of congress? Treasury
What fraction is needed to expel a member of congress? 2/3 vote of congress
What is needed to propose an amendment? 2/3 congress or states vote
What is needed to put a treaty into effect? 2/3 senate vote
Who can declare War? Congress
Can the president of the senate cast a vote? Only when the votes are tied
List the powers of congress mentioned in Article 1 section 8. (Use "I was right") Setting and collecting taxes
Who can impeach the president, and at what majority? House of Representatives proposes with 1/2 majority, Senate tries with 2/3 majority
How old do you have to be to be a senator? 30
How is a amendment ratified? 3/4 of States
Who is commander in chief of the armed forces? President
How long is a senator's term? 6 years
How often is census taken? every 10 years
How many senators to a state? 2
How old do you have to be to be a member of the HOR? 25
3 ways a bill can become a law? Presidents signs it, Congress overrides a veto, BIll is left of the president's desk unsigned with more than 10 days left in the Congressional session
Who has the power to try impeachments, and at what vote? The Senate
How can president prevent a bill from becoming a law? By issuing a Veto
How many members in HOR? 435
What is the president pro tempore? Presiding officer in the senate when the VP is vacant
State the succession order of for the president Vice president, Speaker of the House, President pro tempore
How many members of supreme court? 9
Define "Judicial Review" The supreme court can establish if a existing law is constitutional or not
States may not disciminate againt? citizens of other states
Apellate jurisdiction is? When a case is brought to the Supreme Court to review the decision made in inferior courts
Bail is money left insuring the appearance at a trial
First 10 amendments are known as the? Bill of Rights
What does the Elastic Clause state? That Congress can create laws to uphold any of the powers mentioned in A1S8.
What are the 2 types of jurisdiction? appellate and original
Requirements to be a member of the HOR are... 25 years old, citizen for 7 years, live in the state that you are elected to represent
Amendments change the..? constitution
When accused of a federal crime, you are entitled to...? a speedy and public trial
Congress meets first on...? first monday in January
Define Treason To levy war against the US or to Harbour its enemies
Citizens of different states are all entitled to the same privelages
True or False: Members of congress can be sued for what they say on the floor FALSE
Who is temporary presiding officer in the senate? pro tempore
Who admits new states to the union? Simple majority from Congress with the approval of the State
How is the HOR assembled? By the population of each state
How are state elections held? State chooses, time, place, and manner. Congress can change regulations.
Who chooses the rules and regulations for each house? Can you be penalized for being absent? The members of each house. Yes.
List the Rights of Congressmen Right for a salary
Who creates bills for raising revenue (taxes)? House of Representatives
How does congress tax states? By population
Requirements to become a senator 30 years old, 9 year citizen, residency in the state
Requirements for president 35 year old, 14 years citizen, born in US
What is a pocket veto? If the president doesn't sign the bill, but the congress adjourns within 10 days.
How can high-ranking official be appointed? The president appoints the official, and it can be 1/2 approval from the senate.
How is a treaty created? President creates the treaty, and Senate approves with 2/3 vote
Who can give pardons? The president can pardon everyone but himself
How is war declared? Simple majority by both houses
Congress is restricted from passing a Bill of Attainder. What is this? A law that declares someone or a group guilty of a crime
Congress is restricted from passing ex post Facto laws. What is this? Making something illegal and arresting someone who did that act before the bill was passed.
Where does Supreme Power lay? Federal Government
Congress can't tax states on...? Outgoing goods
List the restriction on states about taxes, and where the money goes Cannot lay taxes on imports/exports
True or False: States can coin money FALSE
During times of peace, States cannot...? Keep troops or ships of war
Who cannot be a elector for the electoral college? a Senator or Representative
What must a president do during inauguration? Take an Oath.
What is the State of Union speech? A speech the President must give to Congress during his term (once a year) that explains the progress/state of the country.
Can president assemble Congress? The president can call in a "Special Assembly" in times of urgent business.
Define Appellate Jurisdiction When the case comes before the Supreme Court after the appeal of inferior courts. The Supreme Court can overrule the rulings of the inferior courts.
Define Original Jurisdiction and when it is used. When the case comes FIRST to the Supreme Court. When the case involves Ambassodors and other Ministers and Councils. Or when the case involves a State as the party.
What do States have to respect about other states? Their legal records and court orders (Laws).
Who has the power to enforce how States respect each others laws? Congress
States can't discriminate citizens from other states. I don't know how to make this into a question. Just type in "apple" apple
How many states need to approve the constitution for it to come in effect? 9 States
List rights in the First Amendment Freedom of Speech
List rights in the Second Amendment Right to bear arms
List rights in the Third Amendment Soldiers are not to be kept in private property (without consent)
List rights in the Fourth Amendment Private searches and seizure of property must come from a warrant
List rights in the Fifth Amendent Prohibits Double Jeopardy
List rights in Sixth Amendment Swift Trial
List rights in Seventh Amendment If the Crime has a value of more than $20, the accused has the right to a trial by jury ($1,200 by todays standards)
List rights in Eighth Amendment Protection from Excessive bail
List rights in Ninth Amendment One cannot take away peoples rights by using the rights stated in the constitution
List rights in Tenth Amendment Balances the elastic/ necessary and proper clause, whatever is not mentioned in the constitution is up to the states
What is the fewest number of states that a person can win to become P.O.T.U.S. List which states. 11 states. California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois
How many electoral college votes total? 538
What are the purposes of the constitution given by the preamble? Form a more perfect union
Created by: dwessler
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