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West Migration/Wars

migration west and wars with sioux indians

Sooners In 1889, people who illegally claimed land by sneaking past government officials before the land races began
Boomers Settlers who ran in land races to claim land upon the 1889 opening of Indian Territory for settlement
Dawes Act Divided reservation land into individual plots for Sioux
Assimilation The process by which one society becomes a part of another, more dominant society by adopting its culture
Massacre at Wounded Knee 1890 shooting of a group of unarmed Sioux by army troops. Someone fired a shot and soldiers opened fire, killing 200 Sioux including women and children
Ghost Dance A ritual in which people joined hands and whirled in a circle
Battle of Little Big Horn 1876 Sioux victory over army troops led by George Custer
Reservation Federal land set aside for the Native Americans
Nomads People who travel from place to place, ususally following available food sources, instead of living in one location
Great Plains Vast grassland between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains
Indian Police Officers shot and killed Sitting Bull
Sitting Bull or Red Cloud Sioux Chief who defeated Custer
Black Hills Where gold was found in Sioux territory
Boozeman Trail The name of the trail that government wanted to build through Sioux hunting grounds
Europeans, Mexicans, Chinese, Exodusters The four major social groups that western settlers came from
Homestead Act Promised 160 acres of land-21 years or head of family, small fee, had to be a citizen or immigrant who was filing for citizenship, had to live there for 6 out of 12 mmonths, and farm for 5 consecutive years
Morill Land Grant Act The U.S. government gave land to state government to set up agricultural and technical colleges in the hopes to educate its residents who in turn would modernize the state
Pacific Railway Act The Union Pacific and the Central Pacific Railways recieved huge land grants to build the transcontinental railroad
Pull Factors adventure, new beginning, lure of success, cheap land
Push Factors Expensive eastern land, overcrowded east coast, mistreatment of minority
Created by: kimbuteau