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2013 5th Chap 3 L3+4

2013 5th Chapter 3 Lessons 3 and 4

Key ItemDefinition
Jacques Cartier He sailed for France and made three voyages to North America. He sailed up the St. Lawrence River and claimed that land for France.
Hernando Cortes He was sent by Spain to find land and gold in Mexico. When he got there he found the Aztec tribe and they thought he was a god. They gave him land and gold. Then Cortes and his soldiers conquered the Aztecs in a war.
Giovanni da Verrazano He sailed for the French king looking for the Northwest Passage. Sailed to present day North Carolina and then sailed north. He searched many bays and harbors. Never found the Northwest Passage.
Martin Luther He was a German priest who wanted the Catholic Church to make reforms. The Catholic church kicked him and his followers out. They then created the Protestant religions.
Estevanico He was an African slave and went with a priest to explore the southwest. He returned to Mexico with stories of the Seven Cities of Gold. This is going to inspire more explorers to search for these cities.
Florida It is where Juan Ponce de Leon landed searching for the fountain of youth. It is the Spanish word for flowery.
Henry Hudson He made four voyages for England searching for the Northwest Passage. He never found the passage but he did explore the Hudson River in present day New York state and the Hudson Bay area of Canada he claimed for England.
Francisco Vasques de Coronado He set out in 1540 to find the Seven Cities of Gold. He never found them but he claimed all the land where he traveled for Spain.
Francisco Pizarro He was a Spanish conquistador who conquered the Inca Empire. He was able to capture the Inca leader Atahaulpa and then take control of the capital Cusco.
Atahaulpa He was the leader of the Inca tribe who was captured by Pizarro.
Motecuhzoma He was Aztec Emperor who thought that Cortes was a god. The Aztecs went to war with Cortes and his men but they lost.
Hernando de Soto He explored the southeastern part of the United States and claimed all that land for Spain. He was searching for gold but did not find any.
St. Lawrence River This was the land that France claimed in North America. Jacques Cartier was the explorer who sailed this region.
Northwest Passage A waterway in North America thought to connect the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It does not exist.
Reformation A Christian movement that began in sixth century Europe as an attempt to reform the Catholic Church.
Missionary A religious teacher sent out by a church to spread its religion.
elevation The height of land in relation to sea level.
Contour Line A line on a drawing or map that connects all points of equal elevation.
Mutiny Rebellion against the leader of one's group.
Grant A sum of money or other payment given for a particular purpose.
Created by: Mrs. Hastings
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