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US History Chapter 6

Mrs. Hinton's class

What campaign was the first mudslinging campaign? Jefferson vs. John Adams
When was the Jefferson and Adams tie finally broken? the 36th ballot (influenced by Hamilton)
What amendment did this cause? the 12th amendment (separated president and vice president elections)
Jefferson's famous inauguration quote? "We are all republicans, we are all Federalists"
What was Jefferson's goal? to shrink the government and cut costs
What was Jefferson's first love? farming
Who designed Montecello? Jefferson
What did the Judiciary act of 1801 do? created 16 new federal judge positions
Who appointed the midnight judges? John Adams
What court case was the first time judicial review was used? Marbury vs. Madison
Another name for Westward expansion? Manifest Destiny
Who led the Wilderness Road? Daniel Boone
Who did Jefferson send to join Livingston in Paris to ask to buy New Orleans for $10 million? Monroe
What countries did Napoleon have an obsession of conquering? Britain and Russia
How much did Napoleon want for the entire Louisiana Territory? $15 million
What was Louis and Clark's goal? To leave from St. Louis, make it to the Pacific, and come back
What was ironic about the start and end of the War of 1812? The war was started two weeks after what they were fighting about had been settled, and the last battle was two weeks after the war had ended
How did the origin of Uncle Sam begin? a man named Sam Wilson who packaged meat and provided it to militaries, had "US" on his barrels
What is impressment? confiscating soldiers from a country and making them serve in your own military
What was the Chesapeake affair? (June 1807) a British ship called the Leopard fired on the Us Chesapeake. Three americans were killed and eighteen were wounded
What was the Embargo Act? (1807) Jefferson decides we're in no position to fight, so he encourages congress to create the Embargo Act, making exporting to any country illegal (temporarily)
Who was outraged by the Embargo Act? Federalists in New England
What was the non-intercourse act? (1809) said that we could trade with anyone except for Britain and France
What trouble was in Indiana in 1809? a Shawnee chief named Tecumseh and his brother the prophet formed a confederation (Britain gave them weapons)
First accidental presidency? Harrison was elected president, but died a month later due to pneumonia. Tyler became president
Who were the War Hawks? John C Calhoun (SC), Henry Clay (AL), Peter Porter (TN), Felix Grundy-they were basically the new founding fathers (hot heads)
What other things were the War of 1812 called? the second war for independence and Mr. Madison's war
After this war, who becomes our greatest ally? Britain
Who wins the 1808 election? James Madison
Reasons for the war of 1812? 1. War Hawks and other people were eager to fight 2. Britain impressing American soldiers (probably the number one reason) 3. British was supporting the Native Americans 4. Britain was dumping into our economy
Where does the war start? Canada
Where was Tecumseh killed? Battle of Thomas
Where are most of the battles concentrated around? Washington DC, New Orleans, and the Great Lakes
What does Britain burn as payback for us burning their governor's mansion in the battle of York? Washington DC
Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner? Francis Scott Key
When did Francis Scott Key write the Star Spangled Banner? during the bombardment in Baltimore Harbor
What was the most famous battle in the War of 1812? Battle at New Orleans with Andrew Jackson, great victory two weeks after the war was over
Where did New England meet to secede from the union? Hartford, Connecticut
What treaty ended the war and when was it signed? Treaty of Ghent, signed on Christmas Eve, 1814
Where is Ghent during this? Belgium
What does the treaty not mention? Britain's impressment of American soldiers
What was the name of the theory that Jefferson first defined in the Kentucky Resolution? Compact Theory
What two words were defined in the Compact Theory? secession and nullification
What does Washington issue in response to the French declares a proclamation of neutrality
Attorney General? secretary of justice
Tecumseh was the chief of what tribe? Shawnee
Who defeated the Miami Confederation? General "Mad Anthony" Wayne
Where was the Miami Confederation defeated? Battle of Fallen Timbers
What bill was passed in exchanged for placing the national capital in the south? Assumption Bill (Hamilton)
Who was the surveyor of the District of Columbia? Benjamin Banneker
What was Hamilton's financial plan to pay of the US debts? national debt (foreign and domestic) and assumption of states' debts
What tax was put on domestic Whiskey? excise tax
What was the date of the 1st inauguration? April 30, 1789
Who was Washington's secretary of War? Henry Knox
Who was Washington's General Attorney? Edmund Randolph
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