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Chapter. 10

What is the Silk Road? It's a road that they transported spices and incense.
What are Allah? The belief in one god.
Who married a wealthy business woman that was age 40? Muhammad
Muhammad heard a voice outside the cave that he was meditating in. Who voice was it? The angel of Gabriel
What are the five pillars? Faith, prayers, alms, fasting, and pilgrimage
People who agreed in the Islamic procedure where called what? Muslims
What is a mosque? An Islamic house of worship
What is the book "Qur'an". It is the holy book of Muslim.
Who became the first caliph which means successor? Abu-bakr
Who are the Umayyads? They were the next family in power after Ali was assassinated.
What does Shia mean? The party group
What is sunni's? Follower of the Muhammad example
What is Sufi? Rejected luxurious life
How did abbasid support the bureaucracy? By putting land taxes on imported and exported
What connected the Fatimid to the abbasid? Religion,language, trade, and economy.
What is the book " the people of the book"? It's the holy book with the teachings of Qur'an
Who were the next three caliphs also known as Muhammad Umar,uthmad, and Ali
What happened after Abu-bakr died? Muslim took control of all of Arabia
Who expanded the Muslim territory? Uthman and Ali
What do the cities symbolize? Strength
What is the capital of abbasid? Baghdad
Muslim society was made up of what four societies? Upper ,second class, third class and last
What kind of people were in the upper class? Those who were Muslims at birth
What kind of people were in the second class? People who converted to Islam.
Who were in the third class? It consist of protected people including Christians and Jewish
Who were I the last class? Slaves
What were Muslims specific legal rights? Marriage, family, and proverty
What were some thing ps a lunar calendar was used for? Showing specific holidays like the month of Ramadan.
What was a reason for Muslim science? To treat illnesses
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