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Cassondra Johnson

Chapter 10

What were Muhammad's revelations? Gabriel spoke to Muhammad told him he was a messenger of Allah, that he was the last prophet.
Why was Muhammad's return to Mecca important? Because the meccans surrendered them.
What does lslam teach its followers? He teaches that there is good and evil, and that each individual is responsible for there own actions f his or her life.
What are the five pillars and what do they mean? 1. Faith, there is only one god, Muhammad is his messenger. 2. Prayer, 5 times a day, facing Mecca. 3. Alms or tax for charity. 4. Fasting not eat or drink from sunup to sunset during the holy month or Ramadan. 5. Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca once in your
How did lslamic law affect Muslim attitudes toward Christians and Jews? Muhammad prefer to call them the people of the Book. He says Muslims should treat Jews and Christians we'll with respect.
What changes did the Umayyads make during their rule? They had to move the muslims capital to Damascus, abandoned the simple life of previous caliphs and began to surround themselves with weath.
What led to the downfall of the Umayyads? They faced the Political control of the immense territory.
How did the Abbasids come to power? Rebel groups overthrew the Umayyads, the Abbasids, took control of the empire also they were the most powerful of the groups.
According to Muhammad who were the infidels? The Jews and Christians who don't pay the poll-tax and the enemy that don't do what there told to do then you will be the enemy of god and his apostle.
Upper class was considered?(Muslim culture) of those who were Muslims at birth.
What happen to women when they went out in public?(Muslim culture) they were to be veiled.
What is the name of a bowl on a water clock? Clepsydra
What told the hours and the minutes on the universal balance clock? Weights
What city was Muhammad born in? Mecca
What was the three things that was defined in Mecca? Hunger, violence, and war
What did Muhammad think he was? A messenger
Why did Muhammad allow groups of Muslims to migrate to medina from the city of Mecca? Because they were getting missed treated badly
What was the Abbasid capital? Baghdad, Iraq
What has the king done to his previous wives?why? If his wives cheated on him he would murdered them and he said he will never be able to trust a women again.
What was the name of the king whom she is married to? It was king shahryar
Name some of the countries in which the tales in Arabian nights originated? Persia and India
The three holiest cities in Islam are? Jerusalem, medina,Makkah
Why did Muslim empires build large, impressive cities and mosques? To show how awesome them are and how much power they got.
What did the "Rightly Guided" caliphs use as guides to leadership? They used Qur'an and Muhammad's actions. To guide there leadership.
What ended the elective system 0f choosing a caliph? Ali was assassinated, the elective system of choosing a caliph died with him.
Why were Muhammad's ideas unpopular in Mecca? Meccas wee polytheistic. Islam is monotheistic pilgrims came to Mecca to worship idols of the ka'aba. There leader feared trade would stop.
In what way{s} was the Hijrah a turning point? He returned to Mecca and the meccans surrendered, and became Muslims. Mecca became the center of Islam.
How does carrying 0ut the Five Pillars and other laws of lslam affect the daily lives of Muslims? They still follow religious laws, even in everyday life. Religious laws often effect govt. laws.
Created by: Casseyjay1