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Prezzley Buckhannon

Chapter 10

What was a bridge between Africa, Asia, and Europe? Southwest Asia
What Arabian peninsula is a crossroads of what three continents? Africa, Asia, and Europe
What did Arabia become known for? Trading many different types of goods from both far and near.
What was the concept of believing in one god? Allah.
How did Muhammod's life change? Gabriel called to him and told him that he was a messanger of Allah.
What had Abu-Bakr promise the Muslim community? That he would uphold what Muhammond stood for.
What did Muslims allow the people they conquered to do? They allowed them to convert to Muslim faith.
How did Alli die? He was assassinated.
Who formed the Fatimid caliphate? Shi'a Muslims who claimed decent from Fatimid (Muhammod's daughter)
What encouraged the flow of the Muslim trade? Banks were set up throughout the empire.
What was the cultural city of Islamic learning? Damascus.
How did women live in this period of time? They had more freedoms but men still controlled them.
What did Muhammad's belief on study and scholarship lead too? Strong support of places of learning
What is the Qur'an the standard for? All of Arabic literature and poetry.
What is Muslim art like? Intricate and beautiful but doesn't really show faces.
What is the name of the bowl on a water clock? Outflow clepsydra
What told the hours and minuets on a Universal Water clock? You could by where the large and small weights were.
Where was Muhammad born? Mecca in modern day Sadi Arabia.
Why did pilgrims regularly come to Mecca? To worship ideas of the Kaba.
Why didn't Muhammad like it when people made images of him? He didn't want people to worship him.
Who were Muhammad's main followers? The poor, women, slaves
Why did Muhammad allow groups of Muslims to migrate to medina from the city of Mecca? To escape persecution.
What were the three holy cities of Islam? Mecca, Jerusalum, Medina
Were the Muslims allowed to enter Mecca for the pilgrimage? Nope.
What symbol of their peaceful intention was intention was clearly understood by the Quraysh? They didn't have weapons.
Created by: Prezzley