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The Stone Age

Mesolithic/Middle Stone Age It was was called that because people used weapons and tools made from stone
They came to Ireland in dug out wooden boat from Scotland around 8000 B.C
Mesolithic people were Were the first people to arrive in Ireland. They were Hunters and Gathers.
Mesolithic people ate Deer, wild pigs, fish, berries and nuts.
Mesolithic people settled Near rivers and lakes
An example of a Mesolithic settlement in Ireland is Mount Sandel in Derry
Neolithic/New Age People were the first farmers who arrived in Ireland around 4000 B.C.
Neolithic people settled in upland areas, cutting down trees in order to setup farms and get land to plant
Neolithic people ate Wheat, barley, pigs, sheep, cattle
They were more advanced/differed from Mesolithic people because they used 1.Better quality, 'polished' stone axes 2.Made pottery for cooking, storing food, burials 3. Grew wheat, barley and kept pigs, sheep, cattle. 4. Stronger better houses
Burial Tombs 1.Court Cairns 2.Portal Dolmens 3.Passage graves
Megalithic Tombs Great Stone Tombs
An example of a Neolithic settlement in Ireland is Ceide Fields in Co. Mayo
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