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Producting The making of goods.
Services Volitian for jobs and work.
What kind of work did the New England colonies? Fishing, Building ships, and Timber.
What kind of jobs did the Middle Colonies? Were shippers of general crops and furs. Staple crops( wheat, barley, and oats, crops that are continually) Shipyards and Trade (Merchants).
What kind of jobs did the Southern Colonies? Had big Plantations that produced Cash crops like Rice,Tobacco, and Indigo.
What kinds of jobs or work did they all have? People relied primarily on small farms and self-sufficiency. Households produced their own candles and soaps, preserved food, brewed beer and, in most cases, processed their own yarn to make cloth. Had Shiping Yards.
How many slaves did the New England Colonies have? In 1770s There were around 15000 slaves. Slaves lived in cities, learned a skill, may have been literate, worked in smaller farms the work wasn't so hard not a slave society.
How many slaves did the Middle colonies have? There were around 23000 slaves in 1700s. Most slaves lived in cities learned a skill worked as blacksmiths, carpenters, on ships, shipyards and an small farms; not a slave society.
How many slaves did the Southern Colonies have? In 1770s there were around 230000 slaves. Mutations lived on plantations and did labor intensive field work on tobacco, rice, and indigo farms. About 1/2 of farmers had 1 slave; a slave society.
Imports Goods that are brought into our country that are made in another country.
Exports Goods that are made in our country and shipped to other countries
Production making something
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