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Chapter 10 & Stuff

polling place the location where voting is carried out
precinct a voting district
ballot the lost of candidates on which you cast your vote
absentee ballot one that allows a person to vote without gping to polls on election day
returns ballots and results of an election
exit poll asking a sample of voters leaving a selected polling places how they voted
electorate all the people who are eligible to vote
apathy lack of interest
electoral college part of the process that Americans use to select their president
initiative a way that citizens can propose new laws or state constitutional amendments
proposition a proposed law
referendum a way for citizens to approve or reject a state or local law
recall another type of special election
elector people who hold electoral votes and are part of the electoral college system
winner take all system the candidate who wins the popular vote in a state usually receives all of the states electoral votes
propagabda an attempt to promote a particular person or idea
political action committees (PACs) organizations set up by interest groups especially to collect money to support favored candidates
soft money unlimited amount of money for general purposes
incumbents politicians who have been elected to office
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