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Triangular Trade

Import Goods and services that are brought into our country that are made in another country.
Export Goods and services that are made in our country and shipped to other countries.
Raw Materials Materials before being processed or manufactured into a final form.
Manufactured Goods Products that have been made from raw materials, especially as a large-scale operation using machinery.
Triangular Trade A pattern of trade between England, Africa and the American Colonies.
Mercantilism Creating and maintaining wealth by carefully controlling trade.
favorble balance of trade When a country exports more than they import.
Common Job cloth making
Common Job Farming
Common Job Soap and candle making
Indentured servant Someone who agrees to work for four to seven years for the boat fair over.
Slave someone who works without pay forever.
New England Colonies Slaves The people of New England had the fewest slaves out of all three. They worked in homes and in shops. The men would do agricultural jobs. Most jobs did not need as much labor.
Middle Colonies Slaves They were aloud to have free time after work was finished they were not as strict as the other colonies. Most would work on the staple crop farms. Others would work on the dock
Southern Colonies Slaves They relied more heavily on slave labor. Most would work on farms. everything had to be done by hand
Production Making of goods and services
Distribution Distribution is the selling of goods and services.
Consumption Consumption is the buying or taking in of goods and services.
Services Anything someone does to help someone else
Goods Anything produced to sell to make money.
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