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History (1st year)

What is history? A story of the past
What is a primary source? This is a source that comes directly from the time it is studied. eg. newspaper, photograph
What is a secondary source? This is a source that comes after the time being studied. eg. history book
What is archaeology? The story of the past from material remains
What are artifacts? Objects made by people in the past
Where are artifacts stored? In a museum
What is BC Before Christ, occurred before birth of Christ
Narrative History Recorded in stories
Oral History Told by people
Biographical A person gives information about the time he/she lived
Evidence Proof - photos, letters
Chronology Listing event in order they occur
What is AD? Anno Domini or year of the Lord, occurred when Jesus lived
BCE "before common era" same as BC
CE "common era" same as AD
Frame of Reference Your opinions based on your experiences
Six History Thinking Skills Recall, Apply, Interpret, Analyze, Synthesize, Evaluate
Recall Remember
Apply Put to use
Interpret To explain
Analyze Look at closely
Synthesize Combining parts
Evaluate To judge
Created by: davidsean