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Chapter 14

Totalitarianism a theory of the gov't in which a single party or leader controls the lives of the people
Anti-Semitic prejudiced against Jewish people
Spanish Civil War nationalist forces led by general Francisco Franco rebelled against the democratic Republican gov't of Spain
Appeasement policy that France and Britain pursued against aggressive rations during 1930's
Anschluss Union of Germany and Austria in 1933
Munich Pact agreement between Germany, Italy, GB, and France in 1938
Blitz Krieg sudden attack
Axis Power group of countries led by Germany, Italy and Japan that fought the allies in ww2
Allies Britain, France ,the US and Soviet Union that fought the axis power in ww2
Neutrality Act Of 1939 allowed nations at war to buy goods and arms in the U.S. if they paid cash and had merchandise
Tripartite Pact agreement that created and alliance between Germany,Italy and Japan during WW2
Lend-Lease Act allowed Pres. Roosevelt to sell or lend war supplies
Atlantic Charter a document that endorsed national self-determination and an international system of "general security"
Pearl harbor Japanese military attack on U.S.
Women's Army Corp(WAC) Army group established during WW2 so that women could serve in noncombat
Bataan Death March during WW2 the forced march of American and Filipino prisoners of war under brutal conditions by the Japanese military
Battle of coral sea WW2 battle that took place between Japanese and American aircraft carriers
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