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Renaissance Backgrnd

Renaissance is ______ for rebirth French
classical means referring to ancient Greece and Rome
This group from German and Northern Europe invaded the Roman Empire spurring its fall Barbarians
aesthetics beauty
Why did the barbarians not continue the classical style of building? 1) lack of mathematical and building skills 2) different sense of aesthetics 3) built of wood & thatch with minimal pattern decorations
Period during the middle ages after Barbarian invasion where population basically struggled for survival Dark Ages
The ____ ______ killed about 1/2 of the population of Europe. It also affected the continents of Asia and Africa. Black Death, Black Plague, or Bubonic plague
Time of castle and cathedral building in Europe. The Church exerted most of the power during this period. Post 1100 High Middle Ages
Ancient Greece and Rome these classical empires contained parts of Africa, Asia and Europe. The latter empire build a gov't with laws, a common language, and infrastructure like town buildings, water systems, bridges and roads. Ended in 476 AD when Rome was sacked.
The start of a period where the focus shifted from the church to the possibilities of what man could create. The climate was more secular and less religious. New art techniques,interest in the classical era and inventions were by-products of this era Italian Renaissance
The second period of rebirth that emphasized the classical period. The location shifted north into the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and the British isles. Progress in art, government and religion. Northern Renaissance
Created by: YsWords
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