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Government Test

US Constitution, Preamble, Bill of Rights, and Sides of Government Test

Which Amendment ensures no unreasonable bail? 8th
Which Amendment ensures you do not need to testify against yourself? 5th
Which Amendment ensures that police must have a warrant to enter your home? 4th
Which Amendment allows you to own a gun 2nd
Which Amendment ensures the right to a speedy trial? 6th and 7th
Which Amendment gives you 5 personal freedoms? 1st
Which Amendment allows for DUE PROCESS? 5th
Which Amendment does Double Jeopardy fall under 5th
Which Amendment states that a soldier cannot force you to give them shelter? 3rd
Which Amendment states that no cruel and unusually punishment can be used against you? 8th
What happens if you cannot afford a lawyer? One is appointed to you.
What is the main requirement for jurors? They must be impartial
The inability for someone to be tried twice for the same crime is called...? Double Jeopardy
Which Amendments are the rights of the accused? 4-8
How many Clauses does The Freedom of Religion include? 2
What are the 2 Freedom of Religion Clauses? Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause
Who is the author of the Bill of Rights? James Madison
What number president was James Madison? 4th
Who determines what the Bill of Rights mean? The Supreme Court
How many Amendments are there in the Bill of Rights? 10
How many Amendments have been added to the US Constitution so far? 27
What year was the US Constitution ratified? 1788
What year was the Article of Confederation ratified? 1781
What is the name given to an elite group of America's brightest men who helped write the constitution? Framers
What is the name of the rebellion in which war veterans took up arms against the government Shay's Rebellion
Word used in the preamble that means, "Future Generations" Posterity
How many constitutions has the US operated under? 2
What is the name to the introduction of the Constitution? The Preamble
Who was the constitution written for? the common man
How many goals are in the Preamble? 6
Which side of government is considered to be liberal? Left
Which side of the government is considered to be conservative? right
Which side of the government believes community is based on morals? Right
Which side of the government supports free trade? Right
Which side of the government supports fair trade? Left
Which side of the government believes in a nurturing parenting style? Left
A Democrat would be considered to be on which side? Left
A Republican would be considered to be on which side? Right
Which side of government believes in a strict parenting style? Right
The most extreme political party on the left is called? Communism
The most extreme political party on the right is called Nationalism/Fascism
List 2 career fields that tend to have a higher number of Republicans? Police, Military, Stockbrokers, Business, judges
List 2 career fields that tend to have a higher number of Democrats? Media, architect, university professors, scientists, teachers
In America, what color represents the left side of government? Blue
In America, what color represents the right side of government? Red
What animal usually represents the Right? Elephant/Hawk
What animal usually represents the Left? Donkey/Dove
Political parties appeared in the US shortly after the Constitution was adopted because... differences arose over political and economic issues
The first American political party to successfully have a President in office was the ... Federalists
Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton disagreed over the proposed "National Bank" based on what issue? whether or not the Constitution gives the national government the power to establish the bank
Created by: djhoyt123
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