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Vive le Taureau

Vocab for the novel Vive le Taureau

fonctionnaire government worker
pancarte sign
La Midi region in the South of France
Toulouse large city, capital of Midi region, known for science and tech
bête silly
valises suitcases
vol flight
fleuve river
blesser to hurt
tuer to kill
se battre to fight
meubles furniture
coquillages shellfish
bouillabaisse fish stew
sauf except
le BAC huge test at the end of high school in France
presque almost
réfectoire school cafeteria
bavarder to chat
ombre shade
billets tickets
picadors on horseback,spear the bull with a lance
la corrida Spanish-style bullfight
la course camarguaise French-style bullfight
Les raseteurs French bullfighters
la cocarde the ribbon between the horns in French bullfighting
le crochet the hook used to grab the ribbon
épée sword used by the matador to deliver the final blow to kill the bull
la foule the crowd
les mouchoirs handkerchiefs waved to show appreciation for the bullfight
le sang blood
cheval horse
banderilleros flagmen, they stab the bull with colored sticks
pleure a chaudes larmes cry one's heart out
gênée embarrassed
mal a l'aise uncomfortable
une queue a tail
une corne a horn
prix prize
sentiments feelings
en colère very angry
tu me manques I miss you
femme au foyer housewife
taquiner to tease
le trajet the trip
le guichet ticket booth
laid ugly
divertissement fun (as a noun)
Arles small town with Roman influence, founded by Julius Cesar
étrange strange
avait hâte was excited
Created by: jenawelty