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Come to America

What is a charter an official permit to start a settlement in the New World
What is a wilderness? A wild empty land that has not been settled
What are merchants? businessmen
What is a swamp? an area of land where the ground is wet and soggy
What Indian tribe helped the Pilgrims survive? Wampanoog
What was the name given to the Separatist and Strangers who traveled the New World? Pilgrims
What are the people called who wanted adventures and a chance to work in the New World? Strangers
What is a written promise or agreement between two or more countries? Treaty
The London Company did what? it was a group of merchants who paid part of the cost of sending colonists to Jamestown
Sir Walter Raleigh was given permission from whom to begin what? Queen Elizabeth and begin Roanoke
Who was the Governor of Roanoke who returned to England for supplies? John White
Who was the leader of the Wampanoog tribe to make peace with the pilgrims? Chief Massosoit
Who was the soldier that guided the Pilgrms in dealing with the Indians in building a settlement? Miles Standish
Who become the elected Governor of Plymouth after John Carver became ill and died? William Bradford
Who was the Indian Princess who helped save the life of John Smith and married John Rolfe? Pocahontas
Leader of Jamestown that said in order to eat you must work John Smith
Indian friends to the Pilgrims that taught them many ways to survive Squanto and Samoset
Who was the first successful tobacco farmer in Jamestown? John Rolfe
Who was the FIRST governor of Plymouth? John Carver
Who was the leader of the Indian Tribe that helped Jamestown survive? Powhatan
What happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke? It is a mystery, John White found word that Croatoan carved on a tree
What was the "cash-crop" of Jamestown? Tobacco
What was the first settlement in North America? Roanoke
What was the first PERMANENT settlement in the New World? Jamestown
What was the name of the ship that brought the Pilgrims to the New World? Mayflower
What were the two reasons that the Pilgrims came to the New World? Religious Freedom and To have a say in how they were governed
What were the conditions on the Mayflower when they came to the New World? HORRIBLE! Lack of food, very little space, seasickness
What is the Mayflower Compact? the first written agreement for self-government in America
Leader of Roanoke? John White
Leader of Jamestown? John Smith
Leader of Plymouth? John Carver
What is the name of the Pilgrim's colony? Plymouth
What were the 4 reasons why King James I wanted to begin an English colony? 1. Find sea passages, 2.find gold, silver and valuable minerals, 3. Find people of the Lost Colony 4. Teach Indians Christianity
Created by: wandag
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