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Africa Unit Test

what are the islands of fresh water in the desert called oases
what are the short grasses and trees of the Sahel used for herding
where is most of Egypt's population located along the Nile River
Nigeria was once a colony of which European Nation Great Britian
about how many ethnic groups are there in Africa about 2,000+
what is the worlds longest river Nile River
unlike the other regions of Nigeria, in the western region where do many people live cities
which type of landform best describes Africa Plateau
which ethnic group is the largest in the western region of Nigeria Yoruba
what is the most common type of vegetation found in Africa tropical grasslands
what is the Igbo's main economic activity oil
by 1914, what was the most of Africa divided into European colonies
what are the most important natural resources found in Africa diamonds, oil, gold
in what country does the White Nile join the Blue NIle Sudan
which african country has the most cities between 1 million and 4 million people South Africa
what is a major difference between the Sahara and the Sahel Sahel gets more rainfall
what is marginal land land that is not well-suited for farming
what do ergs, regs, and hammadas have in common they are all in a desert
why do pastoral nomads move from place to place so they can find fresh grass for their herds
what are three adaptations that have been made to life in the sahara they have pastoral nomads, they wear long, loose clothing, they use camels and trucks for transportation
what is the climate throughout most of africa like warm year round
which type of land is most threatened by desertification marginal lands
what is a cultural region a region where people share the same way of life
what do the Hausa and Fulani people of northern Nigeria have in common they are both muslim
what is a linguistic group a group of people who share a common language
which ethnic group in Nigeria was rewarded by the British for their cooperation Igbo
what was the effect of this cooperation the conflict
what is the most important economic activity in eastern Nigeria oil
who are the Sotho, Zulu, and Xhosa Blacks in South Africa
what is the language spoken by some South African whites Afrikaans
most black South Africans trace their ancestry to which group Bantu
what two oceans does south africa border Indian and Atlantic Ocean
who is Nelson Mandela the 1st black prime minister of South Africa
South Africa is the world's largest producer and exporter of which resource gold
what was the main purpose of South Africa's apartheid policy racial segregation
during apartheid, which South Africans were moved to homelands Black South Africa's
how were coloreds and Asians affected by South Africa's apartheid policy they were treated as second-class citizens
how did the end of apartheid affect the distribution of political power in South Africa South Africans of all races were allowed to vote for the first time
how was the Employment Equity Act affected job opportunities in South Africa since the end of apartheid it requires jobs to hire everyone of all race
which educational goal has been emphasized in South Africa since the end of apartheid all students not just whites learn reading, writing, math, and science in school
what are the challenges facing South Africa today HIV/Aids, reduce poverty, and improving standard living for everybody
Created by: jjperry
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