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6th History

Chapter 6

On what 2 continents is the Cordilleran Chain found? North and South America
What is the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains? Mt. Elbert
What are the plants of a specific region? flora
What stretch of highland divides the rivers of North America? Great Divide
What is the largest North American river flowing into the Pacific Ocean? Columbia River
What swimming bird usually makes his home behind a waterfall? water ouzel
What is the most dangerous animal in North America? Grizzly Bear
The deepest canyon in the U.S Hells Canyon
The largest desert area in North America Great Basin Desert
The largest salt water lake in North America Great Salt Lake
The largest canyon in the world Grand Canyon
The hottest, driest part of North America Death Valley
The ______________is the home of the tallest trees in North America. Pacific coast
The highest peak in the U.S. south of Alaska Mt. Whitney
The deepest lake in the U.S. Crater Lake
The highest waterfall in North America Yosemite Falls
The world's largest tree General Sherman
2nd largest Indian tribe in U.S. today Navajo
Land that the government set aside for Indian tribes reservation
The Shoshone Indian who helped Lewis and Clark on their exploration Sacagawea
The famous leader of the Nez Perce Indians was Chief Joseph
The Northwest Indians were known for carving their family crest on their houses and _____ ____. Totem Poles
The most widely distributed carnivore in the New World mountain lion
The poisonous lizard found in North American Desert gila monster
A relative of the antelope that has hooves like suction cups mountain goat
largest cactus in the world saguaro
wild sheep of North American bighorn
most dangerous animal of North America grizzly bear
most widespread cactus prickly pear
largest land bird in North America California Condor
world's oldest known living tree bristlecone pine
Missionary to the Cayuse who was martyred for Christ Marcus Whitman
Famous Apache who resisted the settlement of the Southwest until he surrendered and was exiled to Fort Pickens in Pensacola Florida Geronimo
Indian tribe that lived in multi-room houses cut into solid rock Pueblo
Indian tribe that lives near the bottom of the Grand Canyon Havasupai
Indian tribe that is famous for weaving rugs Navajo
Peaceful group of Indians were farmers and had a rule "everything in moderation, no excess, no waste" Pueblo
Indian tribe that became famous as breeders of appaloosa horses Nez Perce
Largest high-altitude lake in North America Yellowstone Lake
Most famous geyser in Yellowstone Park Old Faithful
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