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USH Chapter 32

USH Chapter 32 - An age of limits

President elected in 1968 Richard M. Nixon
Nixon's plan to take power away from Federal Govt and give some of it to the states and local govts New Federalism
Nixon's plan to NOT tell state and local govts how to spend their Federal money Revenue Sharing
Nixon's plan to restructure Welfare (defeated) Family Assistance Plan
Nixon's plan to get support from conservative Democrats Southern Strategy
Economic problem faced by Nixon administration Stagflation
What is Stagflation? Rising prices (inflation), with high unemployment
Oil Cartel OPEC
What OPEC stands for Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Nixon's advisor for national security affairs Henry Kissinger
Kissinger's philosophy of dealing with countries on a flexible basis Realpolitik
Policy used by Nixon/Kissinger which eased cold war tensions Detente (with sqiggly above the "e")
Agreement reached by Nixon and Soviet Union about ICBM's and submarine missles SALT I Treaty
Where the Democratic National Committe was burglarized Watergate Hotel (in DC)
Nixon's Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman
Nixon's Attorney General John Mitchell
Group that was lead by the guy who led the burglary of the DNC Committee to Reelect the President
Judge that heard the Watergate burglar's trial Judge John Sirica
What the firings of Attorney General Richardson (and his deputy) was called Saturday Night Massacre
Nixon's first VP Spiro Agnew
Nixon's second VP Gerald Ford
President that succeeded Nixon Gerald Ford
Ford's plan to eliminate inflation WIN (whip Inflation Now)
President elected in 1976 Jimmy Carter
Tell a few things about Jimmy Carter Peanut farmer from Georgia... down to earth, Washington outsider
Legislation that tried to address the energy crisis National Energy Act
Carter's main focus in foreign policy - he looked at each country's treatment of what ? Human Rights
Two agreements reached by Carter, Egypt, and Israel Camp David Accords
Muslim religious leader that took over Iran in 1979 Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini
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