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H5 Study Guide

Development of Georgia (1789-1840)

What is a land grant university? University that receives land from the federal government
What does the University of Georgia claim to be the first? First public university created by a state government
Why was Louisville chosen as Georgia’s third capital? Population center, people started moving west away from the Savannah River
What were the two largest denominations in Georgia by the 1860? Baptists and Methodists
What did the two denominations do that made them the largest? Revivals and camp meetings
What is the Yazoo Land Fraud? State legislators were bribed to sell land to four companies for pennies an acre.
How did the Yazoo Land Fraud lead to the removal of the Creek Indians? The United States government promised to remove the Creeks from Georgia in exchange for Georgia giving up the land they tried to sell in the Yazoo Land Fraud.
What are the two methods Georgia used for distributing land in the late 1700s and early 1800s? headright and land lottery
What was the main method for distributing land in the early 1800s? land lottery
Why was Eli Whitney’s cotton gin an important invention for farmers in Georgia prior to the Civil War? The cotton gin helped process cotton faster by removing the seeds.
How did the cotton gin and railroads impact Georgia’s growth? The cotton gin improved the cotton process, and the railroad helped transport goods faster. Both improved the economy.
Why did Georgia build so many railroads before the Civil War? They needed something to transport agricultural goods like cotton.
Why was William McIntosh murdered by his own people? He signed over the rest of the Creek land in Georgia in the Treaty of Indian Springs.
Why did many Creek settle near water sources? They needed water to drink and water their fields and used the fish for food.
Who was the Creek leader that signed the Treaty of New York which created a friendship between the Creeks and the United States? Alexander McGillivray
What was Sequoyah’s major contribution to the Cherokee? He developed a syllabary that allowed the Cherokee to communicate by writing.
What did Benjamin Parks discover that led to the removal of the Cherokee? Gold in Dahlonega
What was the main reason for removing the Cherokee from their homes in northwestern Georgia? Gold was discovered on Cherokee land.
Who was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court that ruled that the Cherokee territory was not subject to state law? John Marshall
What court case ruled that Cherokees were not subject to state law? Worcester v. Georgia
What was the purpose of the Indian Removal Act that Andrew Jackson signed into law? To move the Indians to the west
What is the name of the long, hard journey the Cherokees made to Oklahoma? Trail of Tears
Who was the Cherokee chief during the Trail of Tears? John Ross
Why did so many Cherokee die on the Trail of Tears? Cold, disease, and starvation
Created by: chlov531