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13 Colonies

What are the New England colonies? MA, CT, RI, NH
What are the Middle Colonies? NY, NJ, PA, DE
What are the Southern Colonies? VA, MD, NC, SC, GA
What Colonies were founded for practicing for founded for religion, political freedom and to trade and fish? New England colonies
What colonies were founded for new land over Dutch, trading and farming and establishment of the Qaukers Middle Colonies
Why were the Southern Colonies founded? For gold, Catholic refuge, farming, and refuge for debtors.
What climate and geography did the New England colonies have? 4 distinct seasons, harsh Winters, thin and rocky soil, thick forests.
What colony had fertile soil, cold Winters but hot Summers, long wide rivers and was near the Atlantic ocean? The Middle Colonies.
What colony had hot steamy summers, mild winters,swampland, fertile soil and a long growing season? The Southern Colonies.
What are the New England colonies economy? Timber for ships, barrels,and homes, fishing and whaling, farming and fur trade
What are the Middle Colonies economy? Large farms "Breadbasket of the colonies"(wheat), flour mills, iron mining,and fur trade.
What colonies had a economy of Farming,timber and crops that include tobacco, rice and indigo? The Southern Colonies
What colony had a government of allowing to vote for certain religion others could vote for owning land but only white men could? The New England Colonies.
What economy did the Middle colonies have? Some colonies had a governor appointed by the king some allowed white male landowners to vote for assembly members
What government did the Southern colonies have? Some had a governor make decisions some allowed white male landowners to vote for assembly members. in GA the king controlled the colony and allowed WMLs to vote for assembly members.
What colony had fewer slaves that worked in a town learned a trade/skill some than south some were able to take extra jobs and earn money? The New England colonies.
What colony had fewer slaves that worked in a town learned a trade/skill some than south some were able to take extra jobs and earn money? The Middle colonies
What was the Southern`s slavery? Much larger population of slaves to work on plantations. less chance of earning money.
Created by: joharmon359
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