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US History Chapter 6

US History Chapter 6 Mrs Irving

militia a group of citizens who serve as soldiers in times of war
pardon an official statement forgiving someone of something
petition a written paper asking for a right or benefit from someone in power
commander leader of an army. George Washington was the leader of the American Army.
loyalist an American who supported the king of Great Britain.
traitor Someone who turns against his or her country
statesman someone who knows and practices government ideas
convict to find someone guilty of a crime
disarm to take weapons away from someone
resign to give up an office or job
plea the act of asking for something
postmaster someone who runs the post office. Benjamin Franklin was the first US Postmaster
invade to attack or take over someting
orator one who is good at public speaking
clause a certain section of a document
document an official paper
revolution the act of overthrowing and replacing a government
Hessian a soldier paid by the British to fight the Americans
seige an event in which an army prevents people in a fort or city from leaving in an attempt to capture the fort or city
compromise a settlement of differences
isolate to set apart
proposal a suggestion for others to consider
evacuate to move away from a dangerous area
inland a region of land that is far away from the coast
lure to draw in someone or something by hinting of gain
occupy to take control of a place
redeem to release from blame for something by doing something else better
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