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Holt Chapter 20

Sahara a vast desert that lies in the south of North Africa
Nile River a 4,000 mile body of water that flows northward
silt finely ground fertile soil that is good for growing crops
Suez Canal a narrow waterway built by the French in the 1860s that connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea
oasis a wet, fertile area in a desert where a natural spring or well provides water
Atlas mountain range located on the northwestern side of the Sahara near the Mediterranean coast
impact effect, result
Alexandria a city founded in Egypt in 332 BCE by a famous Macedonian king
Berbers an ethnic group who are native to North Africa and speak a common language
Cairo Egypt's capital city that is located in the Nile Delta
Maghreb means "west" and refers to Western Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco
souks large marketplaces
free port a city in which almost no taxes are placed on goods sold there
dictator someone who rules a country with complete power
fellahin rural Egyptian farmers
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