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MLB baseball teams

every baseball team

Angels C Conger 1B Trumbo 2B Kendrick SS aybar 3B Romine LF Calhoun CF Trout RF Hamilton DH Schuck
Athletics C Vogt 1B Moss 2B Collaspo SS Lowrie 3B Donaldson LF Cespedes CF Crisp RF Reddick DH Smith
Astros C Corporan 1B Carter 2B Altuve SS Villar 3B Dominguez LF Elmore CF Crowe RF Martinez DH Laird
Mariners C Zuino 1B Smoak 2B Franklin SS Miller 3B Seager LF Ibanez CF Ackley RF Saunders DH Morales
Marlins C Hill 1B Morrison 2B Lucas SS Hecharriva 3B Coghlan LF Pierre CF Ruggiano RF Stanton
Brewers C Lucroy 1B Halton 2B Gennet SS Bianchi 3B Beantcourt LF Schafer CF Gomez RF Aoki
Cubs C Boscan 1B Rizzo 2B Watkins SS Castro 3B Murphy LF Bogusvic CF Sweeney RF Scheirholtz
Rangers C Perzenski 1B Moreland 2B Kinsler SS Andrus 3B Beltre LF Gentry CF Martin RF Rios DH Cruz
Oriols C Weiters 1B Davis 2B Schoop SS Hardy 3B Valencia LF Pearce CF Jones RF Markasis DH Roberts
Rays C Labaton 1B Loney 2B Zobrist SS Escober 3B Longoria LF Dejesus CF Jennings RF Myers DH Johnson
Red sox C Saltalamachia 1B Napoi 2B pedoria SS bogarets 3B Middlebrooks LF Gomes CF Elsbury RF Victorino DH Ortiz
Yankees C Murphy 1B Texaria 2B Cano SS Jeter 3B Rodriguez LF Soriano CF Granderson RF REynolds DH Hafner
Blue jays C Arencibia 1B Langerhans 2B Golins SS Reyes 3B Lawrie LF Pillar CF Davis RF Bautista DH Encarnacion
Twin C Mauer 1B
Tigers C Avilla 1B Martinez 2B Infante SS Peralta 3B Cabrerra LF
Royals C Perez 1B Hosmer
White sox C
Indians C Santana 1B Swisher 2B Kipnis SS
Braves C Mccan 1B Freeman 2B Uggla SS Simmons 3B
Mets C Recker 1B Davis
Nationals C Ramos 1 Laroche
Phillies C Ruiz 1B Howard 2B Utely SS Rollins 3B
Pirates C Martin 1B Morneu 2B
Cardinals C Molina 1B Adams/Craig 2B Carpenter SS Descalso 3B Freese LF Holiday CF Jay RF Beltran
Reds C Hanigan 1B Votteo 2B Phillips SS 3B
Giants C Posey
Padres C
Diamond backs C Montero 1B Goldschimt 2B
Dodgers C A Ellis 1B Gonzalez 2B M Ellis SS Rameriz 3B
Rockies C
Created by: tyloft
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