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socail studies 8


Robert Johnson built/named Fort Johnson,last proprietary governor and 1st royal governor,nicknamed "Good Governor Johnson", started Township Plan
John Barnwell "Tuscarora Jack" led a group of colonist to help the NC people fight against the Tuscarora Indians
Edward Teach "Blackbeard',most feared/wellknown Pirate,ship-Queen Anne's Revenge,killed at Ocracoke Island in NC
Stede Bonnet "Gentleman Pirate", bought ships,ship:Royal James,hung at Charlestown with 29 others
Anne Bonny/Mary Reed most famous women pirates,both were pregnant when sentenced to death,Mary died, Anne's father saved her
Alexander Cuming took 7 Cherokees to London to see the King and made a peace treaty lasting 30 years
Nicholas Copernicus discovered that the Sun was the center of the Solar System
Galileo proved Copernicus's theory of the Sun
Isaac Newton proved theory of gravity
John Winthrop 1st to use a telescope in the Colonies
John and Charles Wesley brothers who started the Methodist church
George Whitefield lively preacher whose style caused a 'split' in the types of Christians churchs
Charles Woodmason back country minister who took a petition to the Commons House in Charleston asking for representation of the back country
Moses Kirkland 1st representative of the back country
The Regulators back countrymen who took the law into their own hands to fight of intruders
3 threats to the colonists hostile Indians,Spanish,Pirates
Year SC became a royal colony 1729
Fort Johnson built across the Ashley River to protect colonies from Spanish,attacked before finished, SC won,40 Spainish died and 230 hostage,1 colonist died
Tuscarora War 1712,group of SC went to NC to help them fight against Indians
Yamessee War 1715,biggest Indian war in SC,65 of colony's population lost,Cherokee/NC helped us defeat them
# of Pirates on the coast of SC in 1715 1,500
Reasons for the Township Plan even out black/white population,get more protections from Indians
Things given to settlers in the Townships free transportation there,free farm tools,free food for a year,grants of land and a town plot
Seven Circut Court Districts Ninety Six,Orangeburg,Camden,Cheraws,Beaufort, Charleston,Georgetown
9 Townships Purrysburg,Amelia,Orangeburg,Saxe-Gotha,New Windsor,Williamsburg,Kingston,Queensborough, Fredericksburg
How did NC people get the nickname "Tarheels" so much tar and pitch was gotten from there by the English navy
Who fought the French and Indian War?Why?Who won? Colonist vs.French/Indians,fought for land,Colonists
Proclamation of 1763 forbid all colonists to settle lands they had just fought the French and Indian War for
Created by: rconner
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