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Foy Ch. 8 Test

Why was the U.S.S. Constitution built? to protect American merchant ships from attack
What did Jefferson agree to support, even though he didn’t agree with the Federalists creating it in the first place? Bank of the United States
What was the purpose of the Hartford Convention? It was a gathering of New England Federalists to protest the war.
What was one consequence of Jefferson and Burr tying in the Election of 1800? The 12th amendment was passed, providing a separate ballot for president and vice president.
What were the effects of the Embargo Act being passed in 1807? It hurt President Jefferson’s popularity It greatly damaged American trade
How did the Louisiana Purchase affect the size of the United States? it doubled the size
Who was the U.S. president when the United States bought the Louisiana Territory from France? Thomas Jefferson
What battle did the governor of the Indiana Territory, William Henry Harrison, defeat a union of American Indians? Battle of Tippecanoe
You are a young member of Congress from the West and you want to go to war with Britain because of the British’s practice of impressing American sailors. What would you be called? War Hawks
How much power did President Jefferson believe the national government should have? limited power
What battle was the last major conflict of the War of 1812? Battle of New Orleans
War between what two countries led to many problems for the United States? Britain and France
What two geographical features did thousands of Americans settle between in the early 1800’s? Appalachian Mountains and Mississippi River
What was Great Britain doing to anger Americans along the Western frontier? They were providing military aid to Native Americans.
What was one result of the decline of trade during the war? Manufacturing in the United States was forced to grow.
Why was Marbury v. Madison such an important Supreme Court ruling? it confirmed the Court’s power to declare acts of Congress illegal
What country did the United States go to war with in 1812? Britain
What is the name of the treaty, signed in Belgium on December 24, 1814, that ended the War of 1812? Treaty of Ghent
Which of the following was a disadvantage the United States faced in the War of 1812? The US navy was not as large or powerful as that of Great Britain.
What was most important about Zebulon Pike’s exploration? It gave Americans their first real description of lands in the Southwest.
In the presidential election of 1800, which two Republicans received the same number of electoral votes? Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr
What law did Congress allow to end after Jefferson took office? Alien and Sedition Acts
Who was given the job of breaking Britain’s control of Lake Erie? Oliver Hazard Perry
What was a goal of Shawnee Chief Tecumseh? To unite American Indians in the Northwest Territory
Which of the following was one of the positive effects of the War of 1812? It increased feelings of patriotism among Americans.
What was Sacagawea’s main role in the Lewis and Clark expedition? to serve as a guide and interpreter
What city did the British attack, forcing President Madison to flee to safety? Washington D.C.
What countries did the Non-Intercourse Act ban trade with? Britain, France, and their colonies
What was a negative consequence of the rebellion in the French colony of Haiti in 1802? It ended Napoléon’s dream of rebuilding the French Empire in North America.
What country controlled both New Orleans and Louisiana, but later gave the land to France in a secret treaty? Spain
You are an American sailor. A British ship pulls alongside you and the crew says they are looking for a runaway British sailor. They claim you are the missing sailor and force you to board their vessel. What would you call the actions of the British? impressment
Why did Napoléon Bonaparte of France offer to sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States? He needed the money for his war with Great Britain.
What tribe of Native Americans did Andrew Jackson and his Tennessee militia defeat at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend? Creek Indians
What was one reason that President Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the Louisiana Territory? to look for a river route to the Pacific Ocean
What concept made the judicial branch a much stronger part of the national government? judicial review
What was unique about the House of Representatives voting in the Election of 1800? Jefferson won on the 36th vote to break the tie.
When Chief Justice John Marshall wrote the verdict on the Marbury v. Madison case, what did this give the court the ability to do? check the power of the other branches of government
Why was the election of 1800 important? It was the first time one political party had replaced another.
What president asked Congress to declare war against Great Britain in 1812? James Madison
What was the main risk of American farmers using the port of New Orleans while it was under the Spanish rule? Trade could be disrupted if a foreign power shut off access to the river.
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