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Unit 4 History

Why were missions built? To establish Spanish land claims
Who viewed Spanish missions with great suspicion? The American Indian tribes/Native Texans
Why is 1718 important? It is the year that San Antonio was founded
What order do these events go in? 1)East Texas missions are moved from Guadalupe River to Goliad 2)Establishment of 1st mission at Corpus Christi de la Ysleta 3)La Bahia Mission moved from Guadalupe River to Goliad 2), 1), 3)
Who served as military commander and governor of the area that is present-day Laredo, led Spain's expansion efforts into South Texas, and sent settlers to the land between the Rio Grande and Nueces Rivers? Jose de Escandon
Where did towns grow? Around missions and presidios
What physical feature influenced where missions and presidios were built in Texas? Rivers
Which Spanish priest was put in charge of San Antonio de Valero mission(The Alamo)? Father Hidalgo
Which Spanish priest spoke about his travels with De Leon in East Texas in 1689 and 1690? Father Massanet
What did the first Spanish settlers who came to Texas based the design of their homes and missions on? What ever was around for building materials and how much manpower was available for building
What were missions built of? Logs and stones that were easy to find
Where were missions built? Usually by fresh water and on good farm land. A location high would protect from floods.
Towns such as El Paso and San Antonio reflect the culture and language of which country? Spain
Examples of food, clothing, and shelter that Spanish settlers used what? Food-planting Shelter-timber and rocks Clothing-animal skins
What can you tell by looking at a blueprint? If a structure is a mission, if there is a church and Indian quarters
What is a Vaquero? A Spanish term for cowboy
Created by: arbabin
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