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APUSH Unit 3

New Immigrants Italians, slavs, greeks, Jews
Josephine Saw Lowell New York Charity Organization Society Counsel poor on how to improve their lives
Anthony Comstock NY society for the suppression of vice Close Gambling and lottery
Danbury Hatters Boycotts in support of strikes violates Sherman Anti-Trust Act
William "Big Bill" Haywood leader of IWW
National Reclamation Act $ from public land sales go to water management for western
Margaret Sanger Birth Control
Mann-Elkins Act Gave ICC more regulatory authority
Payne-Aldrich Tariff Raised tariff rates
Bullinger-Pinchot Affair Bullinger-Sec of interior Pinchot- US Forest Chief B. sells 35 mill acres to big business Taft Backs Bullinger-- Fires Pinchot
Wilson's Beliefs Democrat New Freedo small gov small business Democrats linked w/ reform
Federal Reserve Act 12 regional fed. banks strong central monetary Wilson
Federal Trade Commission Power to investigate violations of federal regulations Wilson
Insurgents Reform minder Republicans La Follett Taft says he will back them and lower tariffs, but then does the complete opposite
Pinchot Head of US Forest Service Conservation
Sierra Club John Muir Wilderness preservation
Hepburn Act empowered JCC to set maximum RR rates and examining RR federal records
Square Deal Denounced treatment for capitalists
Nelson Aldrich Compromised during the Hepburn act to delay tariff reforms in return for RR regulation
Harrison Act Banned distribution of addictive drugs Only by licensed physicians/pharmacists
The Passing of the Great Race Madison Grant Denounced new immigrants False Data used Called for racial segregation
Anti-Saloon League Total ban of alcohol Natives v. immigrants
Mann Act Anti prostitution Illegal to transport woman across state borders for "immoral purposes"
Florence Kelley Hull House Worker Became head of National Consumer's League and worked to improve factory conditions Became a factory inspector
La Follette Regulated RR and other businesses Republican Congressman Independent
Recall Elections Election to take someone out of office
Pure Food and Drug Act Requires ingredient label sets stage for FDA outlaws production of altered foods
Meat Inspection Act Puts rules and regulations on meat packing plants
Triangle SHirtwaist Fire escapes rusted No stairwells Locked from the outside
Socialism Public ownership of businesses, utilities, communication systems
Margaret Sanger Birth Control
Prohibition Consuming excessive amounts Drown Sorrows Dirty Water Protect Women, children, $
Grassroots Local/small Documented growth people-national ex. populism, afl, knights of labor
Nativism Extreme dislike for immigrants by native-born people and desire to limit immigration
Jim Crow Accepted rules Disobeyers lynched
Ida B Wells Documented Lynchings
Plessy v. Ferguson "separate but equal"
Booker T Washington African Americans must acquire useful skills to prove that they are equal SLAVERY
WEB DuBois Full racial equality immediately Co-founder of NAACP
Eugenics Improving the genetic composition of a population
Mental disorders Schizophrenia, bipolar, depression Prohibit marriage and force sterilization
American Breeder's Association Charles B. Davenport investigate and report on heredity in the human race and emphasize the value of superior blood and the menace to society of inferior blood ex. Alexander Graham Bell
Settlement Houses Began in England Offer Day Care Shelter Restrooms Laundry English Classes Trades Classes Hull House- Jane Addams... Florence Kelley
Women's Christian Temperance Movement religious and secular ideas through applied Christianity women to approve society around the world
Carrie Nation Vandalism Attack bars with hatchets
Social Gospel Problems of society that are man made Poverty, alcoholism, crime, racial tensions, slums, child labor etc. Apply rules of Christianity in everyday life so that Jesus and God may once again come Fight against everyday social injustice
Created by: alengner