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Ch.1 Sec. 4

Movement Westward

Anglo English speaking settler in the Southwest
Dawes Act divided reservation land into smaller plots for individual owners
Sitting Bull Sioux war chief
Homestead Act offered 160 acres free to anyone who agreed to live on and improve land for five years
sodbusters used the top layer of prairie soil to build homes
assimilation becoming like the majority culture
gold standard supported by opponents of the free silver policy to prevent inflation
Exodusters compared themselves to Hebrews who escaped slavery in Egypt
The Census Bureau declared the frontier closed
Sandcreek Massacre around 200 were killed by the Colorado militia
Wounded Knee Massacre ended Native American armed resistance
nomadic moving from one place to another
Battle of Little Bighorn the government stepped up military action following this event
Chief Joseph Nez Perce chief
Grangers formed cooperatives that allowed farmers to keep more of their profits
Frontier Act millions of settlers inhabited land that used to belong to Native Americans
What economic problems did farmers face? less money for crops, high cost to run a farm
What is the free silver policy Each coin is made of silver instead of gold
Why would some farmers be in favor of the free silver policy? the silver policy would create inflation, which would cause prices to rise
Which economic policy did Bryan warn against in his speech? the "free silver" policy
The populist party was organized by Farmers
Populists favored backing money with silver beacuse it would mean higher prices for crops
The efforts of the grange in the late 1800s led to regulation of railroad prices
William McKinley won the presidential election of 1896 because voters had gone through an economic crisis and were afraid of inflation
What is the intent of Native American boarding schools? to teach them farming, English, Christianity, and wear American cloths.
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